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Salle Green Fence Til You Drop Dry Tournament Jan 1, 2018
Salle Green's annual New Years Day dry (non-electric) tournament for its members. Fence any weapon against any opponent. Starts promptly at 11am, ends at 1:10pm. Winner is fencer who fences most bouts. Entry fee $5.00 at the door.
Salle Green LLC: Glen Allen, VA
posted 12/20/2017
More Info
Salle Green's 17th annual New Years Day dry (non-electric) tournament for its members. Entry fee $5.00 at the door. USA Fencing non-competitive or competitive membership required. Uniform of the day is whites or black and whites.

(1) everyone can fence any weapon against any opponent - fencers agree on the weapon for their bout/bouts. No one may refuse a bout against another fencer.
(2) 5 touch bouts. Fencers must leave the strip at the end of the bout to record results. No back-to-back bouts with the same opponent without leaving the strip.
(3) bouts are self-refereed.
(4) no time limits on bouts. Given the rules non-combativity does not apply and would be idiotic. Time spent arguing about who gets the touch lets the next strip over get ahead of you in the bout count. You know you were hit, take the hit, and move on. This competition is about fencing bouts as fast as possible.
(5) mixed by gender and by age group - everyone fences everyone.
(6) the winner is the fencer who fences the most bouts - win or lose, the most bouts. In case of a tie, fencer with the most touches scored wins. In the case of a further tie, fencer with the fewest touches received wins.
(7) you must try - no tucking your head down and running forward to get hit as quickly as possible.
(8) 10 minute break at 1 hour.
(9) you can come late, leave early, etc. Doors open at 10:30 am. Fencing starts promptly at 11:00 am. If you spend 20 minutes putting your uniform on, you have wasted the opportunity to fence more bouts.
(10) 1st through 10th places awarded.
(11) first display of poor sportsmanship or brutality is a 5 bout penalty by the Bout Committee, second display is exclusion.

Events Scheduled:
Mixed Foil - although listed as Foil because FRED does not accept Three Weapon, this is a foil, sabre, epee, any two, or all three event.
Preregistration opens on 12/20/2017.
Preregistration closes on 12/31/2017.