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Houston Cup #4 Jan 20, 2018
Alliance Fencing Academy - Houston Location: Houston, TX
posted 12/07/2017
More Info
Houston Cup #4 is the fourth out of 8 Houston Cup tournaments that run during 2017-18 season.

Signature Houston Cup medals for the top 4 finishers.
Signature Houston Cup trophy for the best points standing fencer after 8 tournaments.

Tournament to be held at Alliance Fencing Academy/Houston:

1212A Cedar Post Lane
Houston, TX. 77055

If Y10, Y12 and Y14 Women's or Men's events have less than 8 fencers in attendance we will combine the events on the day of the tournament.

Close of registration:

8:00AM: Youth-10 Men's and Women's Epee
9:00AM: Youth-8 Mixed Epee
10:00AM:Youth-14 SANCTIONED Men's and Women's Epee
12:00PM: Youth-12 Men's and Women's Epee

WAIVER REQUIRED: Waiver is required for all Non-Alliance members and for all fencers competing in the Youth 14 event.

USFA Membership: USFA Membership is required for all fencers. Youth, 8, 10, 12 fencers may compete with the non-competitive membership. All fencers competing in the Youth 14 event must have Competitive USFA Membership and bring a copy of the new card, NO BAG TAGS ACCEPTED!!

Tournament fee:
$25.00 per event ($15.00 per event for Alliance members)
$35.00 for Youth 14 ($25.00 for Alliance Members)

$5 Late fee will be charge if no pre-registration on AskFred.

Doors open at 7:30 AM.

Tournament format:
One round of pools. 100% promotion to the Direct Elimination (DE) round. DE for Youth-8 and Youth-10 events: 10-touch bouts, Youth-12 and Youth-14 event: 15-touch bouts.

Full fencing uniform is required: mask, glove, knickers, socks that cover to the bottom of knickers, underarm protector, chest protector for girls/boys, cup recommended for boys.
A MINIMUM of 2 working weapons and 2 working body cords required for each fencer.
Additional fencing gear will be available at the club.

For traffic or weather delays please call or text Alliance @ 713-410-6655 and make sure to mention your fencers name.

Thank you for your participation.

Events Scheduled:
Unrated Y8 Mixed Epee
Unrated Y10 Women's Epee
Unrated Y10 Men's Epee
Unrated Y12 Women's Epee
Unrated Y12 Men's Epee
Sanctioned Y14 Women's Epee
Sanctioned Y14 Men's Epee
Preregistration opens on 09/29/2017
Preregistration closes on 11/29/2017.