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EGF Team Tournament Dec 9, 2017
The annual Holiday Team Tournament is back!
En Garde Fencing: Santa Rosa, CA
posted 11/22/2017
More Info
Events Scheduled:
Y12 Mixed Team Foil
Senior Mixed Team Epee
Senior Mixed Team Foil

Preregistration opens on 11/22/2017.
Preregistration closes on 12/08/2017.

Cost is $20 per competitor for the day.

This is a Team Tournament, and not intended to be a sanctioned event where ratings can be earned. Fencers from other clubs may enter the tournament, but please be aware this is an informal unsanctioned educational event.

We will be learning how to fence at a real tournament in a friendly, open environment where questions are welcome and the object is to have fun while learning about competition. Fencers will register as individuals and teams will be formed on the day of the event. This will help teams to be more balanced in terms of relative skill levels of the fencers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Jim at the club or by calling 707-596-3626. Email: