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Treasure Chest RYC Jan 13, 2018 - Jan 15, 2018
Treasure Island YMCA, MLK Weekend, Jan 13 - 15, 2018. By registering participants accept the waiver attached (no need to sign).
Treasure Island YMCA: San Francisco, CA
posted 11/10/2017
More Info
North Bay Fencing Academy is pleased to host the Treasure Chest RYC @ the Treasure Island YMCA: MLK Weekend, Jan 13 - 15, 2018.

Live Results:

Triple fee registration is in affect
Register now to avoid the additional $100 late fee!

Proof of birth year required when checking in:

    Passport, birth certificate, USFA certified registration*

    You will not be allowed to fence, no matter what events you participated in last season, without proof of USFA competitive membership and age verification.

Birth Year Eligibility 2017-2018 season:

    Y10 2007-2010
    Y12 2005-2008 (or on Y10 NRPS list)
    Y14 2003-2006 (or on Y12 NRPS list)

Events Scheduled:

    Jan 13 09:00AM Y10 Men's Foil
    Jan 13 09:00AM Y14 Men's Epee
    Jan 13  11:00AM Y12 Women's Saber
    Jan 13 01:00PM Y14 Women's Epee
    Jan 13 02:00PM Y12 Men's Saber
    Jan 13 02:00PM Y10 Women's Foil

    Jan 14 08:00AM Y14 Men's Foil
    Jan 14 08:00AM Y12 Men's Epee
    Jan 14 11:00AM Y10 Men's Saber
    Jan 14 01:00PM Y14 Women's Foil
    Jan 14 02:00PM Y10 Women’s Saber
    Jan 14 02:00PM Y12 Women's Epee

    Jan 15 08:00AM Y10 Men's Epee
    Jan 15 08:00AM Y10 Women's Epee
    Jan 15 08:00AM Y12 Men's Foil
    Jan 15 2:00PM Y14 Women's Saber
    Jan 15 02:00PM Y12 Women's Foil
    Jan 15 03:00PM Y14 Men's Saber


    Regular fee registration EXTENDED to 11:59 PM PST Jan. 6 2018
    Registration: $30.00
    Event Fees: $25:00

    Triple fee registration period: Jan 7 to Jan. 10 2018
    Registration: $90.00
    Event Fees: $75:00

    Additional $100 late fee starts at 12AM on Jan. 11 2018
    Triple fees plus $200.00
    Walkup registration ONLY - no online registration at this point

    Registration fee is not refundable. Last day to request refund of entry fees is Jan. 10, 2018. Refunds will be processed within 3 weeks after the tournament. Refund request should be sent to:

Format Info

    One round of 5-touch/3 minute bout pools. 100% advance to direct elimination rounds. For Y14 and Y12, direct elimination bouts are 15 touch/9 minute bouts. For Y10, direct elimination bouts are 10-touch bouts.


    Seeding for Youth Events shall be based on the following order:
    1. Current national rolling point standings according to age group and weapon. This filters down the entire list, not just the top 32 as done in a NAC.
    2. Letter ranking with year classification
    3. Athletes with neither of the above are seeded on a random basis after the athletes who are seeded by the preceding factors.

Equipment Check

    All weapons will be scored electrically. Equipment (masks, lames, and body cords/head cords) will be inspected and marked.

    All Y10 events must be fenced with a size 0 or 2 blade. This rule will be enforced

If registering on askfred, registration is not complete until payment is made. Registrations not paid by a registration deadline will be deleted from the askfred fencer list for this tournament.

Preregistration opens on 11/12/2017.
Preregistration closes on 01/10/2018.