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Wildcat Open Apr 7, 2018
Join us for an Open followed by a Division III/Division I split!
University of Arizona - MAC Gym: Tucson, AZ
posted 10/12/2017
More Info
Join us for an open followed by a Division III / Division I split!

Event Schedule:
10:00 AM - Senior Mixed Epee
12:30 PM - Division III, Senior Mixed Epee
1:30 pm - Division I, Senior Mixed Epee

Location: This event will be held in the MAC Gym at the Rec Center of the University of Arizona.

Please be aware that the close of registration listed above for Division III and Division I are not necessarily when they will begin. They will begin when most of the people participating in them have been eliminated from Senior Mixed Epee. We strongly encourage everyone to participate in two events so they do not find themselves waiting around between the close of registration and the start of the second event.

Masks and gloves will be inspected.

All events will be self refereed and when fencers are refereeing they will be considered to have all the authority of a dedicated ref.

A flat fee of $20 will cover all events. We can accept either cash or checks made out to Wildcat Fencing.

Bout Committee:
James Fowler