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Fairfax Challenge SYC Apr 13, 2018 - Apr 15, 2018
Fairfax Challenge SYC at The Fredericksburg, VA. Attend The Hurley Sisters Clinic Please see More Info Section.
Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center: Fredericksburg, VA
posted 10/05/2017
More Info
Fairfax Challenge SYC
April 13th to 15th, 2018

Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center
2371 Carl D. Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

*** NOTE - for questions, please send us an email to

Registration, Events Fees, and Check-In
- Regular Fees entry deadline Monday March 26th 2018 11:59PM EDT- $30 registration plus $40 per event
- Double Fees (March 27th to April 2nd 2018 11:59PM EDT) - $60 registration fees plus $80 per event
- Triple Fees (April 3rd to April 9th 11:59PM EDT) - $90 registration fees plus $120 per event
Starting April 10th 2018 no registration will be accepted through askfred.
Walk-ins are permitted at the triple fee rate ($90 + $120) AND $200 surcharge per the US Fencing SYC guidelines

Your registration is incomplete until payment is made via askfred. If you want to make alternate payment arrangements, you must:
-Email the organizer before Monday March 26th 2018 11:59PM EDT to enjoy the Regular fees rate.


Venue opens 6:30AM each day.
You will need to present:
1- Proof of USFencing membership, FIE license, or foreign federation membership. If no membership provided, fencer has to complete and pay for USFencing membership at he door
2- Signed waiver
3- Proof of age Birth certificate, passport, or USFencing membership card if DOB is noted on the card.

Refund Policy

- Registration fees are NON REFUNDABLE
- Before Monday March 26th 2018 11:59PM EDT refund of events fees except askfred fees
- Starting March 27th No refund for ANY REASON, No exception
To request a refund, send email to

Events Schedule
Apr 13 8:00AM Y14 Women's Saber
Apr 13 8:00AM Y14 Women's Epee
Apr 13 8:00AM Y10 Women's Foil
Apr 13 12:00PM Y14 Men's Epee
Apr 13 12:00PM Y10 Men's Foil
Apr 13 2:00PM Y14 Men's Saber

Apr 14 8:00AM Y12 Women's Epee
Apr 14 8:00AM Y12 Women's Saber
Apr 14 8:00AM Y14 Men's Foil
Apr 14 12:00PM Y12 Women's Foil
Apr 14 2:00PM Y12 Men's Epee
Apr 14 2:00PM Y10 Men's Saber

Apr 15 8:00AM Y14 Women's Foil
Apr 15 8:00AM Y12 Men's Saber
Apr 15 8:00AM Y10 Men's Epee
Apr 15 11:00AM Y10 Women's Saber
Apr 15 11:00AM Y10 Women's Epee
Apr 15 2:00PM Y12 Men's Foil

Fencers must check-in each day they fence
Please arrive sufficiently early for equipment check

Tournament Eligibility
Event eligibility is determined by 2017-18 USA Fencing birth year requirements only (not specific day/month). All entrants' age/point eligibility will be verified prior to the tournament, and any ineligible fencers will be notified and removed from the "who's preregistered" list.

Age Eligibility

Y10 = 2007-2010
Y12 = 2005-2008 (or on Y10 NRPS)
Y14 = 2003-2006 (or on Y12 NRPS)
Current point standings:

Tournament Staff
Bout Committee - Chair - Rasha Abdellatif
IT Specialist - David Blake
Head Referee - Mark Stasinos
Referees Committee - TBA
Head Armor - Paul Szmaida
Medical - George Cummings
Equipment Vendor - Blue Gauntlet Fencing Gear
Official Event Merchandiser - Lamsah for Custom T-Shirts

Tournament Format and Rules
USA Fencing rules apply.
Equipment check required (mask, lame (as appropriate), sabre cuffs, head cords, and body cords). Armorer will be on-site for repairs (for fee).
Name is NOT required on uniform.
Blades: The maximum blade length permitted for Y10 competitions is 32 inches (Size 0, and 2)
Ratings can be awarded, however youth events do not use the E1 or D1 classifications. This means that these events are NR until they achieve C1 level or higher. See USFA ratings chart at:
Medals awarded to top 8.
100% advances to DE after pool results.

Youth Fencing Clinic by Kelley & Courtney Hurley
Don't miss this unique opportunity to attend The HurleyGurrls Youth Clinic and learn from the Olympic Bronze Medalists Kelley and Courtney
- Fencing Career & Commitment
- Building Youth, Cadet & Junior Results
- Winning Strategy Ideas & Discussion
- Incorporating Proper Footwork With Strategy
- Autograph & Photo Opportunity

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