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Teen Fencing Day, aka Jr Olympic Qualifier Nov 5, 2017
All event times are now final, and any event with fewer than 4 is cancelled. See More Info for age group and other info.
Mary Hogan School: Middlebury, VT
posted 09/17/2017
More Info
All event times are provisional. Registration closes Oct 30, at which point times will be finalized, and any event with fewer than 4 will be cancelled. The tournament is open only to Green Mt Division members. Separate male and female events will be held (mixed events are not permitted at qualifiers).

This is the only GMD tournament all season for teens and only teens! All teen fencers of all skill level are welcome. You do not have to be a hot shot competitor or be interested in competing at Junior Olympics to enjoy this tournament, meet other fencers your age, and gain valuable experience. You do need to have a competitive US Fencing membership (if you are currently a noncompetitive member, you must upgrade to competitive status before the tournament, by going to

There are event for two age groups:
Cadet: teens born 2001-04. These events are only for younger teens
Junior: teens born 1998-2004. These events are open to both younger and older teens

We encourage you to make a day of it, and sign up for at least 2 events, depending on your age and which weapon(s) you fence. While you may sign up for 4 or more events, that takes a lot of stamina, so unless you are a pretty hardcore athlete, 2-3 events is a good number in one day.

Entry fee is $15 for your first event, plus $5 per additional event. Note that unlike most GMD events, where the price goes up after the preregistration date, for this tournament, registration actually closes and you will not be able to sign up after October 30.