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East Coast Challenge RJCC (Region 3) Dec 2, 2017 - Dec 3, 2017
Regional Junior and Cadet Circuit (RJCC for Region 3): Qualifier for Junior Olympic Championships, please read "More Info" before e-mailing questions.
Lilov Fencing Academy: Cedar Grove, NJ
posted 09/13/2017
More Info
East Coast Challenge RJCC (Region 3)
December 2-3, 2017

Venue: 9 Sand Park Rd, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

Parking: Parking is available in the slots outside the academy, across the street in the lot for building 71, and on the street. Make sure not to block any driveways or fire hydrants or your car may be towed.


The Wilshire Grand Hotel
350 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ 07052

Best Western Plus Fairfield Executive Inn
216 Route 46 E #234, Fairfield, NJ 07004-2324

Hampton Inn Fairfield
118 U.S. 46, Fairfield, NJ 07004
Live Tournament results (during the tournament):
2017 East Coast Challenge RJCC

The Regional Junior/Cadet Circuit (RJCC) is designed to promote and develop strong regional tournaments for Junior and Cadet aged fencers who seek competitive opportunities beyond the local and divisional level but below the NAC Junior/Cadet levels. RJCC events function as qualifiers to the Junior Olympic Fencing Championships. The USFA Athlete Handbook contains detailed information on qualifying pathways and should be consulted as the appropriate reference document. RJCC tournaments are open to current USFA competitive members eligible to fence in Open competitions and to foreign fencers with current FIE licenses.

Regional Junior Cadet Circuit tournaments are open to current USA Fencing competitive members eligible to fence in Open competitions and to foreign fencers with current FIE licenses. However, foreign fencers are not eligible to compete in Junior Olympic Fencing Championship events.

Qualification Path to JO's from the Junior RJCCs
• Earn 110 Junior Regional Points by the regular entry fee deadline

Qualification Path to JO's from the Cadet RJCCs
•Earn 110 Junior Regional Points by the regular entry fee deadline
•Earn 110 Cadet Regional Points composed by the regular entry fee deadline

•Points earned from January 11, 2017-January 10, 2018 will count toward qualification
•Regional Points are composed of a fencers top 2 point finishes within the fencer's region

Qualification Path to the July Challenge from the Junior RJCCs
• Earn 65 Junior Regional Points by the regular entry fee deadline

Qualification Path to the July Challenge from the Cadet RJCCs
•Earn 65 Junior Regional Points by the regular entry fee deadline
•Earn 65 Cadet Regional Points composed by the regular entry fee deadline

•Points earned from August 2017-May 2018 will count toward qualification (as long as the fencer is still age eligible)
•Regional Points are composed of a fencers top 2 point finishes within the fencer's region


Payment must be made via Registration is not complete until payment is made. The regular fee registration period ends at 11:59pm EST on 11/15/17. The double-fee registration period begins on 11/16/17 and ends at 11:59pm EST on 11/25/17. All registrations made after 11:59pm EST on 11/25/17 will be considered walk-ins. If you are listed as an “incomplete” registrant on FRED’s list, you will be charged the walk-in event fee.

Regular Period Registration Fee:$30
Regular Period Fee per Event:$40

Double-Fee Period Registration Fee:$60
Double-Fee Period Per Event:$80

Walk-in Period Registration Fee:$90
Walk-in Period Per Event:$120


Registration fees will not be refunded. There are no exceptions. Prior to November 1st, 100% of the event fee (minus askfred fee) will be refunded if the bout committee is contacted with a refund request. After November 1st, there will be no refunds. There are no exceptions.
To submit refund request you must notify LFA tournament committee at and include your name and mailing address. Refunds will be processed by check only after conclusion of the tournament.


Upon entering this tournament you agree to abide by the current rules of USA Fencing and other applicable rules. You acknowledge you are entering this tournament at your own risk and release the following from any and all claims and/or liability in any way related to or arising out of this tournament to the fullest extent allowed by law: USA Fencing and its sponsors, New Jersey Division of USA Fencing, Lilov Fencing Club LLC / Lilov Fencing Academy and its afiliates, Klabin Eco, tournament staff, tournament volunteers, and referees. With entry you give consent to Lilov Fencing Club LLC / Lilov Fencing Academy and its representatives (including without limitation any tournament personnel) to obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital, EMS personnel, or clinic for any injury or illness that may arise during activities associated with this tournament. Photography, filming, recording, or any other form of media of the athlete during the tournament can be used by the tournament organizers and USA Fencing. Those wishing to opt out of media coverage must inform the Bout Committee. Lilov Fencing Club LLC / Lilov Fencing Academy is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.


• Venue opens at 7 a.m. each morning.
• Fencers are required to check in each day they compete
• Fencers are required to have equipment checked (only required once if fencing more than one day)
• Present to registration desk with proof of fencing federation membership (USA Fencing, FIE, or foreign federation).
Letter ranking/ year. Fencers with equal classifications will be randomized within each classification.

Only ratings and points standings listed on the USA Fencing website will be used (ratings on FRED at not official). It is the fencer's responsibility to ensure that USA Fencing has properly recorded any necessary changes or corrections prior to this date. No classification or affiliation changes will be made at the event.

• One preliminary round of pools (5-touch/3 minute bouts), then all fencers advance to direct elimination round (15 touch/9-minute bouts.). DE tableau shall be comprised according to the results of the preliminary pool round. During the 1-minute break, ONE PERSON designated by the fencer (team-mate, coach, or parent) may be on the strip with the fencer.

• There is no fence-off for third place.
• Medals awarded to Top 8.
• Fencers are responsible for ensuring accuracy of all posted information and must report errors to the bout committee (BC) immediately. This includes club affiliation, division, classification, date of birth, gender, spelling of name, etc. Errors in posted pool results must be reported to the BC immediately (within 5 minutes). Once DE round starts and tableau is posted, the pool results are final and no adjustments will be made. Check all scores before leaving the strip. Fencer signature on pool sheet and DE slip implies accuracy.


Arrive early to allow time for equipment check. Equipment will be inspected and marked (mask, lame (as appropriate), sabre gloves/cuffs, head cords). Fencers only need to have their equipment passed once for the duration of the RJCC.


• Uniforms (jacket, pants, knee-high socks, fencing glove): Standard fencing uniforms; cannot have any rips, tear, or holes. Warm-up pants or jeans are not allowed. Fencing glove must cover half of the forearm.
• Plastrons (underarm protectors): Standard fencing plastron; required with every uniform
• Chest Protector: Required for females
• Masks: 12K punch test; sewn in bib. Conductive Bib in foil is required. Elastic strap at back of mask is required
• Blades: Standard blade length of 30-35” permitted. Must have at least two working weapons and two body cords when reporting to the strip.
• Weapon Handle: Any attachment to a weapon’s handle must fix the hand in one position such that the top of the thumb is no more than 2 cm from the inner surface of the guard.
• Names on Uniforms: Not required.
EQUIPMENT VENDOR: Absolute Fencing

Did your mask fail the punch test? Did you forget your socks? Need a new glove or a fresh lame? Break a blade? Our Absolute Fencing Pro-Shop will be open in case you need to replace equipment, or add to your collection.

In the main fencing gym there are two areas for bag storage. Along the back wall there is a bag storage railing. Bags stored here are to be placed on end behind the railing. Bags may also be stored underneath the bleachers. The bags are to be slid in end first perpendicular with the bleachers. Follow these procedures and there is storage for over 170 bags at any one time. Bags left in the walking aisles will be removed by security to a central location. Do not bring your bag to the strip; bring only your spare weapons and body cords and water/sports drink.

STRIP SAFETY PROCEDURES FOR Fencers, Coaches, and Spectators

Fencers shall hook up to and unhook from the reels at the end of the strip whether using a box reel or overhead reel system. All those not actually fencing (coaches, spectators and waiting fencers) shall remain behind the warning zone of the strip. Referees will be instructed to award cards to any who refuse to heed this rule.


DO NOT PACK your lunch: food/beverages will be available.

Events Scheduled:
Cadet (U17) Women's Epee
Cadet (U17) Women's Foil
Cadet (U17) Women's Saber
Cadet (U17) Men's Epee
Cadet (U17) Men's Foil
Cadet (U17) Men's Saber
Junior (U20) Women's Epee
Junior (U20) Women's Foil
Junior (U20) Women's Saber
Junior (U20) Men's Epee
Junior (U20) Men's Foil
Junior (U20) Men's Saber

Preregistration opens on 09/13/2017.
Preregistration closes on 12/08/2017.