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Multiple Event U Meet Mar 18, 2018
Multiple events in each weapon to maximize the E ratings. Entry fee $15 Epee (self direct), $25 Foil & Saber (Directors provided). One round of pools, 100% to D/E's. ents with less than 6 by 3/15 may be cancelled. Pre-registration closes 3/15
Seacoast Fencing Club: Rochester, NH
posted 08/29/2017
More Info
There are multiple Unrated events in each weapon to maximize the number of E ratings that will be given.
Eleven fencers could be getting their E rating- 5 in Foil, 3 in Epee, and 3 in Saber. Unlike most tournaments, this one will ONLY have fencers who don't yet have a rating.

Pre-registration limit is 12 for the first event in each weapon, and the limit is 10 for subsequent events. If you get knocked out of an earlier event, stay and enter the next one for another chance for your E rating (maximum entry limit of 14 will apply for second and third events).

You can only pre-register for a maximum of two events in the same weapon- subsequent preregistrations will be deleted by the meet manager.

Entry fees are $15 for Epee (self directed), $20 for Foil & Saber (directors will be provided). This tournament is NOT using pre-pay on askFred. You pay at the door- cash or check, no credit cards please.

One round of pools, 100% to D/E's. To ensure a smooth running tournament, the maximum entries for first events is 12, and 14 for second and third events in the same weapon.

Pre-registration closes 3/15.

Unrated Events Scheduled:

3 Mixed Foil (10:00, 1:00, & 4:30)
2 Mixed Epee (10:00 & 1:30)
2 Mixed Saber (10:00 & 12:30)

2 Women's Foil (10:00 & 1:30)
1 Women's Epee (4:00)
1 Women's Saber (3:00)