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Utah Fencing League - Team Round Robin May 19, 2018
All fencers in the top 12 of their age group are invited to participate in this team round robin event. League members are invited to the end of season Awards Ceremony banquet which will begin at 12:00pm.
Utah Sport Fencing Center: Orem, UT
posted 08/23/2017
More Info
The top 12 from each age group qualify to participate in the team round robin tournament. In the instance that a fencer qualified in more than one age/skill level they are invited to participate in their main event (as opposed to fencing "up"). Fencers may only participate in ONE event with the exception of those qualified for sabre. Qualified sabre fencers may fence one foil event and one sabre event.

The format for the team event is one round of pools.

The following fencers are invited to participate in the team round robin event:

Youth 8:
Boggs, Kaster
Carrier, Meredith
Gordon, Lorenzo
Miner, Shaun
Seal, Ayda
Shurley, Mason

Youth 10:
Anderson, Trapper
Carrier, Gabriel
Cureton, Tommy
Gordon, Carter
Lawton, Talitha
Norris, David
Seal, Cameron
Swenson, Magnus
Wall, John
Ward, Caleb J
Woolley, Lincoln

Youth 12:
Chambers, Eli
Cooper, Caidan
Ferguson, Aliya
Gerber, Isaac
Kent, Alexander
Lawton, Zebadiah
Pinna, Gabriel
Postma, Jacob
Seal, Max

Youth 12 Sabre:
Beckstrand, Kohler
Chambers, Eli
Eskelson, Aaron
Mower, Kirk
Postma, Jacob
Seal, Cameron
Seal, Max
Thornell, James
Whitesides, Abby

Youth 14:
Anderl, Fletcher
Calderon, Ricardo
Lawton, Azariah
Pinna, Xavier
Rayner, Rylie
Seal, Grace
Walker, Griffin
Whitesides, Ella

Under-20 E&Under:
Barth, Gavin
Gardner, Ty
Madsen, Eric
McElroy, Sara
Miller, Chance
Pinna, Xavier
Porelli, Giulio
Schmickrath, Julienne
Whittaker, Jack
Wright, Chance
Zupcsek-Rhine, Daniel

Delisle, Jonas
Farquharson, Cole
Kofroth, Zachary
Murrin, Bryce
Pinna, Raphael
Roache, Alex

Under-20 Sabre:
Anderl, Fletcher
Ashby, Ethan
Barney, Corbin
Capurro, Elena
Clay, Matt
Delisle, Jonas
Gardner, Ty
Jeffery, Jakob
Murrin, Bryce
Pinna, Raphael
Portmann, Stein
Postma, Sean