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Mr. Mike wants 'U' to fence, Unc. and Youth Sep 16, 2017
Unclassified 3 weapon event because Mr. Mike wants to fence other unclassified fencers. And, what Mr. Mike wants, he gets because he's a great guy! Help make Mr. Mike a happy camper!
Cyrano's Place: Lakewood , OH
posted 08/22/2017
More Info
Cyrano's Place would like to invite your unclassified and youth fencers to the 'Mr Mike want's 'U' to fence' on Saturday Sept. 16 in Lakewood OH.

Open to fencers who have not earned a rating or are ages 7-12 yrs. USFA membership required. Entry $30. Awards to top 4 finishers. Pre-register by 9/13/17 to avoid $10 late registration fee.

We are hosting this event, because Mr. Mike wanted to have a chance to fence other U rated fencers. So, Cyrano's Place who is BIG on customer service and satisfaction is giving Mr. Mike what he wants because Mr. Mike's a great guy! Help celebrate this by making Mr. Mike's day and fencing!


Cyrano's Place
15639 Madison Ave
Lakewood OH 44107

To find out about our future events in a more timely manner, check out the Cyrano's Place Facebook page. Friend us and you'll know when we are hosting!

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Events Scheduled: (Times subject to change to a later time if entry warrants. An email will be sent out.)

Unclassified Foil 9:30 am
Unclassified Saber 12:00 pm
Unclassified Epee 1:30 pm

Youth 10/12 Saber 10:00 am
Youth 10/12 Epee 12:00 pm PLEASE NOTE CHANGE!
Youth 10/12 Foil 1:00 pm

We will host more events like this so keep watching or/and friend us on Facebook, and get more timely updates.

Our next scheduled event is Escrime D'Halloween, RYC on Oct. 21. Register early to save on a late fee!

Questions? Call us at 216-227-DUEL (3835).