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CCO '17: ROC D1A,2,Vets and JRCC with Y12 & Whch Oct 28, 2017 - Oct 29, 2017
CCO 2017 will host ROC: D1A, D2 Vets, and JRCC also three weapon Wheelchair and Youth 12 mixed open events. Pre order your discounted CCO T-shirt now Order deadline is 10/11/17 midnight! See the "More" section for all your CCO swag.
New Orleans Hilton Riverside: New Orleans, LA
posted 07/10/2017
More Info
Halloween in New Orleans
Come to fence, stay for the fun!

All USFA rules apply. Walk-ins welcome!

Times that are listed are tentative and represent the close of registration. Registration for each event opens one hour prior.

In the event of a tie other than 3rd place, the fencer with the highest seating will be considered the higher placed medalist.

Schedule of events:

Mixed Wheelchair Epee Oct 28 2:45PM
Mixed Wheelchair Foil Oct 28 9:00AM
Mixed Wheelchair Saber Oct 28 12:00PM

Y12 Mixed Epee Oct 28 2:30PM
Y12 Mixed Foil Oct 28 2:30PM
Y12 Mixed Saber Oct 28 2:30PM

Cadet Women's Epee Oct 28 2:30PM
Cadet Women's Foil Oct 29 1:00PM
Cadet Women's Saber Oct 29 1:00PM

Cadet Men's Epee Oct 29 2:30PM
Cadet Men's Foil Oct 28 1:00PM
Cadet Men's Saber Oct 28 1:00PM

Junior Women's Epee Oct 29 8:00AM
Junior Women's Foil Oct 28 8:00AM
Junior Women's Saber Oct 28 8:00AM

Junior Men's Epee Oct 28 8:00AM
Junior Men's Foil Oct 29 8:00AM
Junior Men's Saber Oct 29 8:00AM

Div1A Senior Women's Epee Oct 28 9:30AM
Div2 Senior Women's Epee Oct 29 1:00PM
Div1A Senior Women's Foil Oct 29 8:00AM
Div2 Senior Women's Foil Oct 28 2:30PM
Div1A Senior Women's Saber Oct 29 8:00AM
Div2 Senior Women's Saber Oct 28 2:30PM

Div1A Senior Men's Epee Oct 29 9:30AM
Div2 Senior Men's Epee Oct 28 1:00PM
Div1A Senior Men's Foil Oct 28 8:00AM
Div2 Senior Men's Foil Oct 29 2:30PM
Div1A Senior Men's Saber Oct 28 8:00AM
Div2 Senior Men's Saber Oct 29 2:30PM

Vet Combined Women's Epee Oct 29 8:00AM
Vet Combined Women's Foil Oct 28 9:30AM
Vet Combined Women's Saber Oct 29 2:30PM

Vet Combined Men's Epee Oct 28 8:00AM
Vet Combined Men's Foil Oct 29 9:30AM
Vet Combined Men's Saber Oct 28 2:30PM

ROC/RJCC weapons fees are $35 per
Non regional events $30.


Please note: your registration is NOT complete without payment of all required fees.

Pre-Registration Opens Jan 23, thru Sept 30, 2017 /$50 registration fee.
Regular Registration: Oct 1 thru Oct 24 / $65 registration fee
Late Registration: Oct 25 thru Oct 30 / $85 registration fee
At the door: All fees double

If you prefer to pay by check, mail your payment for registration and entry fees to:

Louisiana Division
4529 Woodland Avenue
Metairie, Louisiana 70002

Include the following information with your payment:

Your Name (PRINT)

Your Club Representation

Your Birth Year

Male or Female

The events you wish to fence (specify Div 1A, Div 2, Vet Jr. and Cdt)

Your weapons ratings for ALL weapons; example: F: B2010, E: D2011, S: Unrated

ALL checks or Money Orders must be received by the end of the business day, Oct 24th.
Kindly send no cash through the post.

$45 of the registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Withdrawals during or after Later Registration will consist of 50% of weapons fees and ROC fee if applicable. Any requests for refunds due to outstanding and unusual circumstances are at the discretion of the organizers and will be processed after the tournament.

Tournament Organization
All events will be fenced electrically.
Masks, body cords, GLOVES AND LAMES! will be subject to equipment control. Sabre cuffs are required. Seeding will be according to standard guidelines for ROC & JRCC events. All ties will be broken by FencingTime for the round of eight with the exception of third place. It is the responsibility of the fencer to notify the Bout Committee at the time of registration if they are on the NRPS. One round of pools will be fenced; 100% promoted to DE's of 15 touches. Initial seeding, seeding after pools and final placements will be posted in the venue. Fencers are responsible for verifying the posted lists, and signing their pool and DE sheets. Reseeds due to information that it was the fencer's responsibility to notify the Bout Committee of (NRPS standing, club representation, etc) will result in a $25 fine, payable in cash. Organizers reserve the right to limit fencing in cross-over events in order to efficiently run the tournament.

USFA Membership
Fencers must be a USFA or FIE Member.

Proof of membership is required. Pre-registered fencers will receive membership status information via askFRED email using most current USFA membership data. Age status will be checked against USFA membership data - bring proof of age if there are discrepancies. While fencers are encouraged to get memberships directly through the USFA prior to the competition, completed USFA membership forms will be accepted at the door. If you do not have proof of membership, you will be required to complete and pay for a membership. Payment for memberships is made directly to the USFA (NO CASH!); bring separate check or credit card number (preferred) for membership. Fencers under 18 years old are reminded they need the signature of a parent or guardian (not a coach) on BOTH the membership and waiver forms.

Waiver of Liability
The Louisiana Division Waiver of Liability is required to be filled out and signed. It can be downloaded with your registration on Waivers will also be available upon check-in.

You must pay to be registered.
Pre-registration closes on Sept 30th
Registration closes on 10/25/2017.
Late registration begins on the 10/26/2017.

Airport: Louis Armstrong International (MSY)
apx 16 miles from Venue Accessible to taxi, bus and some hotel pick up.
Greyhound and Amtrak terminals are located on Loyola apx 3 miles from venue

Hotel Discount
The Blake Hotel will offer a special discounted rate for fencers. By calling 504-522-9000 and asking for the Crescent City Open 2017 -- Public Block, ates wil be given and reservations can be made.

Halloween is amazing in New Orleans. Masking throughout the weekend. The're a variety of ghost, vampire, voodoo and historic walking tours of the French Quarter, before and after dark, all weekend long and much,much more. Voodoo fest will be this weekend with 8 stages of alternative rock. Just 15 minutes from the Hilton, Voodoo Fest will be in full swing with an amazing collection of rock and alternate rock groups on 8 stages in City Park. Once again New Orleans City Park will host one of the biggest Halloween celebrations in the country with the VooDoo Music + Arts Experience:

The legendary festival, now in its 19th year, returns to New Orleans City Park October 27th through November 29th with an electric, multi-genre line-up. Schedule and line will be available in June.
Voodoo Music + Arts Experience will also feature local talent including Terence Blanchard featuring the E-Collective, Soul Rebels, Flow Tribe, and Mike Dillon's Punk Rock Percussion Consortium.
Adding to the incredible weekend of music, Voodoo Music + Arts Experience will showcase large-scale interactive art installations that have become a trademark of the event. Music, art, New Orleans cuisine, culture, and once-in-a-lifetime memories make Voodoo credentials an incredible value. Ticket information, the full line-up and the 2017 cubes are available NOW at

The Louisiana Division USFA and CCO Local Organizing Committee wish to thank you in advance for helping us to have a very successful 25th annual Crescent City Open!