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Utah Swords Academy Fencing Club Region 4 RYC Sep 15, 2017 - Sep 16, 2017
Fees due at check-in: $20 1st event, $10 each additional. Competitive membership & proof of age required. If membership card does not say "Age verified", government ID, copy, or photo required. Full weapons check.
Utah Swords Academy Fencing Club: South Salt Lake, UT
posted 06/10/2017
More Info
Fees: $20, 1st event. $10 each additional event. Payable at check-in.

Preregistration opens on 06/12/2017.
On-line Preregistration closes at midnight on 09/08/2017.

We are permitted to fence events mixed but will do so only if an event has only one fencer and could be merged with an event of the other gender but same weapon and age group.

Bear in mind that a fencer may fence up one age group.

Weapons check is required. We will communicate more about this by email from askFRED. There is very limited equipment availability in the club shop. Please make sure everything works before you arrive. If you rent USAFC club equipment for this tournament, check it out before the day of the event.

PROOF OF COMPETITIVE MEMBERSHIP AND AGE IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED. If your membership card says "Verified: Y", that is sufficient proof. Else, you will need a passport or copy of a birth certificate, or other government issued ID. A cell phone photo of those will also work. Tournament organizers are supposed to send verified birth date info to US Fencing , but you can send a photo of an acceptable document to with the fencer's name and member number, they will update their records, and you can then print out an updated membership card.

Important tournament information, including any close of check-in time changes, will be communicated through the askFRED e-mail system. Be sure your e-mail address is up-to-date. Visit then go to "My FRED" to verify your current e-mail address.



RYCs provide fencers with valuable competitive experience at the local/regional level and are intended to prepare you for larger national events. To participate in the Y10, Y12 and Y14 Summer National events, fencers must qualify. Y10 and Y12 fencers must also qualify for the Youth NAC. RYCs serve as a qualifying path for both tournaments.

A Y12 or Y14 fencer's top three Regional point scores from RYCs in the fencers Region are added up. Utah-Southern Idaho Division clubs will host three RYCs. If all three are not fenced, your kids are at a significant disadvantage to kids from other states in our region or will have to travel out of state to fence three RYCs and be competitive with fencers who do.

Fencers from outside of Utah should be aware that the Utah-Southern Idaho Division is quite small and that this is exacerbated by the fact that our Southern Idaho clubs are not in Region 4. As a result, our RYCs are all small and despite our best efforts to dragoon fencers and schedule men's and women's events so they can be combined at the last moment, some events are likely to be canceled for lack of two participants. Accordingly, we are requiring that all pre-registrations be approved. This will be automatic for local fencers, but we want to communicate with out of state fencers to clarify and coordinate the risks - so email us. We close online askFRED registration a week before the event, but bout committee will be able to add registrants up to the event start time for events with only one registered fencer.

That being said, come play!