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AFFA Olympic Day Jun 18, 2017
AFFA's Saber Youth & Olympic Day Tournament is a great final preparation before Summer Nationals and an exciting way to conclude a season of fencing. In conjunction with Olympic Day, we will be hosting Olympians and Olympic Hopefulls.
posted 03/29/2017
More Info
Welcome to AFFA's Saber Youth Tournament.

AFFA’s entire staff is welcoming you for a memorable competition between numerous young talents and fencers from the area as well as different States.This is a great final preparation for Summer Nationals or just a fun way for fencers to test their seasons hard work. We guarantee a great fun time in a friendly environment, supervised by qualified organizers and directed by a tremendous group of expert referees.
Fencers, Parents, Friends and Coaches are very welcome to come spend this Sunday with us.
We will award the top-8 finishers in each event separating men and women competitors with medals, cups and prizes.


General Information

AFFA is a state-of-the-art facility with 8 electric strips on an anti-slip rubber floor which ensure fencers to perform in the best conditions. Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms will be open to competitors. AFFA provides free water and free WiFi for fencers and guests. A concession stand with snacks and beverages will be on site.

Location: 110 South Avenue, Suite B, Garwood, NJ 07066 (lot across the street from Marty’s Shoes)

Contact: (908) 290-5055 /

Parking: Free parking is available at the club lot (all reserved spaces are available for use on day of tournament); side street parking is also available.



Preregistration opens on 03/29/2017 and closes on 06/11/2017.
Events Scheduled on Sunday June 18th:
(close of check-in)

- Y8 Mixed Saber: 9:00am
- Y10 Women's Saber: 10:30am
- Y10 Men's Saber: 11:30am
- Y12 Women's Saber: 1:00pm
- Y12 Men's Saber: 2:00pm

The pools will start about 15 minutes after close of check-in for the organization to do the seeding and post the pools.



The Entry system is determined by 2016-2017 USFA’s Birth Year Requirement as followed:

- Y8: 2008-2011
- Y10: 2006-2009
- Y12: 2004-2007 (or on Y10 National Rolling Points Standings)

A USFA valid competitive membership is required to participate and must be presented at check-in.
To join or renew a USFA membership, visit:

To print your current USFA membership card, visit:



All USFA rules will be enforced by our organization and referee staff.
Each fencer should be wearing the appropriate equipment and have 2 working sabers as well as 2 working body cords.

Initial seeding and pools will be constituted following USFA rules using ratings, rankings and years. At an equal rating, fencers will be placed in a pool randomly with clubs’ separation.

Each event will consist of 2 rounds; first pools (5 touch bout) followed by Direct Eliminations, D.Es (15 touch bout with 1 minute break at 8 for Y12, 10 touch bout with 1 minute break at 5 for Y10 and best 2 out of 3 5 touch bout with 1 minute break between each bouts for Y8). Every fencer advances from pools to D.Es. No fence-off for bronze medal.
Ratings can be awarded according to USFA’s classification chart available here:



$40 online registration for the 1st event
$55 walk-in fee for the 1st event

$20 for an additional event
$30 for an additional event walk-in

If a competitor decides to fence 2 events, register for the first event online on askFRED and leave the registration incomplete for the second event in the higher age group, AFFA will collect the $20 the day of the competition.

Walk-in payments (at the door) must be in cash or check only.



International Saber Camp Almeria, Spain

Our 4th annual International Camp will bring us to the beautiful Adriatic coastal city of Almeria, Spain. Over 40 fencers from all over the U.S and some Spanish Junior & Senior National Team Members will join us in for a two week camp filled with plenty of sight seeing and fencing. Participants will be housed at a beautiful hotel with a private beach. Fencing practices will be run by Penn State Head Coach Wes Glon, 1996 Olympian Tom Strzalkowski and AFFA's Aleks Ochocki & Jerome Guth.

Dates: July 30th to August 11th

Contact for more information Deadline: July 1st

Pre Summer Nationals Camp

This specially designed intense camp will leave every participant feeling confident and well prepared for one of the biggest tournaments of the year. With expert guidance by our Olympian and National Champion coaches as well as our U.S National Team athletes and multiple National Medalist participants, the camp will be sure to raise your abilities to obtain the high level of training.

Schedule: June 25 & 29 9am - 4pm

Beginner & Intermediate Summer Camps

Join us for a fun and exciting camp open to beginner and intermediate participants. No prior experience is needed. The camp will teach and reinforce the basic techniques, rules and strategies. This is a great time to try one of the safest and oldest Olympic sports or continue your training with our elite coaches. The camp is open to children ages 8-14.

Week 1: July 17 – 21
Week 2: July 24 – 28
Week 3: July 31 – Aug 4
Time: 9am - 3:30pm

Pre Season Camp

Our intense pre season camp is designed to prepare all athletes physically and technically for the upcoming season after a summer break. Building a strong foundation of footwork, blade work and tactics that athlete’s can continue to build on throughout the season.

Date: Aug 28 - Sept 1
Time: 9am - 4pm

All camp information and information is available at