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Birth a Baby Ref! (Ref observation events) May 4, 2017
Open to valid competitive USA Fencing members. Y12 events, eligible birthyears: 2004-2007. Free to Philadelphia Division members, $25 for non-Division members. Payment accepted at door, cash only. Limited slots for each event.
FAP-North (Fencing Academy of Philadelphia): Wyncote, PA
posted 03/22/2017
More Info
Philadelphia Division is working to ensure a good supply of quality referees, so in October we sponsored a Refereee's Clinic and in November we are sponsoring this tournament to ensure that many new refs there are formally observed, for an opportiunity to earn a rating.

You can help by fencing , so those new refs have someone to observe. This is how you help your Division and the sport of fencing in general.

While the purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity for ref observation, it IS a valid, sanctioned tournament. Division medals will be awarded to the top 4 finishers of each event, including the Y14 events. Ratings may be earned for any event that meets the criteria for ratings. Each event will use a pool-100% to DEs-DEs with no fence-off for third place format.

To encourage full use of the limited registration slots, there is NO entry fee for Philadelphia Division members. Those outside the Division will pay $25 at the door, cash only.

Please, please, please, help us help you and if you do register and then discover you can't make it, make sure you remove yourself from the event, so others may participate.

Questions can be directed to Division Chair Philip Sjostedt at 215-869-5252 or