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2017 SC Division Qualifier & Annual Meeting Apr 15, 2017
Qualifier for South Carolina Division Members ONLY for Y14, DV2/DV3/Vet [combined] qualifier events to 2017 US Fencing Summer Nationals. REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 4/1/17 at 11:59PM
Foothills Fecning Academy: Piedmont, SC
posted 02/09/2017
More Info
This is the official Qualifier for South Carolina Division Members ONLY for Y14, DIV2/DIV3/VET [combined] qualifier events to 2017 US Fencing Summer Nationals.

ANNUAL MEETING - The Annual Meeting will be held at the venue at 4:00PM following the tournament.


PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The final close of registration is two weeks before the event.


Individual event times will be posted the week after online registration closes. Please check back and be sure you arrive on time! It is your responsibility to check if event times change. We will make every effort to post the event times as soon as possible after registration closes. There is NO registration at the event, only check-in. You MUST register and pay on askFRED if you want to fence.

All close of registration (check-in) times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST). The events will typically start approx. 30 minutes after close of registration, but absolutely NO check-ins will be accepted after close of registration. Please arrive early to have your equipment checked and allow warm-up and check-in time. Venue will be opened at least 1 hour prior to close of registration of first event.

All registrants pay a one-time Registration Fee of $20 + an event fee of $20 for each event entry (i.e If you register for one event, you will pay a total of $40, if you register for two events, you will only pay a total of $60).

The registration deadline is Friday, 4/01/17 at 11:59PM. Any registrations after that time will NOT be accepted! NO WALK-INS! In order for your registration to be valid, you MUST complete payment via (to make payments via check, please contact for instructions. Registration will not be complete until payment is received; NO payments accepted the day of the tournament). Registration is only valid once payment is received. This means that if you do not complete payment prior to the close of registration on 4/01/17 at 11:59PM, you will NOT be allowed to fence in the event!


Note that all of the Senior events are C & Under events. askFRED validates fencers for gender, age, rating and division. It will not allow you to register for events you should not be in. If you feel you should be able to register for an event and askFRED is not allowing you to do so, please verify that your profile information in askFRED is correct for gender, age and division. If you still have a problem, contact the division chair at

The Senior events are combined qualifying events. Fencers competing in those events can qualify for Div2, Div3 and Vet. If there are 3 or fewer fencers registered for an event after the close of registration on 4/01/17, the event will not be fenced, and the fencer does not need to attend the event. Those fencers will auto-qualify for the Summer Nationals even though they do not fence.

The Registration and event fees for unfenced events will be refunded (minus askFred fees) but only if requested in writing (email) and received by 4/22/17 (one week after the event).

All fencers must have a current USFA competitive membership by close of registration. ONLY members of the SC Division of USA Fencing may compete in this qualifier. You may join or renew your membership here:

National age eligibility requirements will be enforced (Read more here:; however, fencers with points in the next lower age category who do not otherwise meet age eligibility are allowed to fence; e-mail to request addition to the competition.

This is a USA Fencing and South Carolina Division Sanctioned event; ratings will be awarded where earned.


One round of seeding pools with 100% promotion to Direct Elimination round.


Fencers are required to have complete fencing uniforms as required by USA Fencing. This includes the following items: Mask with two retaining devices aka straps (foil masks must have a conductive bib as now required), mask cord (foil/saber), jacket, plastron (underarm protector), knickers, lamé (foil/saber), glove (800N saber), tall socks (must overlap knickers, proper footwear (no sandals, boots, heeled shoes, etc.), two working body cords and two working electric weapons.

Weights (foil/epee) and shims (epee) will be tested!
Masks, lames, and saber gloves/cuffs will we tested/checked!

For more info about the Summer Nationals, see the USA Fencing page here:

Any questions should be directed to the SC Division Chair, Frank Smid for clarification via email at

You can also visit the SC Division website at:

The following fencers have auto-qualified for the following events. These events will not be fenced:

Y14 Women's Epee:
Carolina Dille
Anjali Pal

Y14 Women's Saber:
Carolina Dille
Anjali Pal
Haley Russell

Y14 Men's Epee
Jackson Ellenberg
Gregory Essex
Noah Kern

Y14 Men's Foil
Jackson Ellenberg
Harris Kiaris*

Y14 Men's Saber
Andy Collins

Div2 Senior Women's Epee
Alessandra Brunelli
Leah Six
Patricia Wilkens

Div2 Senior Women's Foil
Alessandra Brunelli
Susan Hazel

Div2 Senior Women's Saber
Sarah Mayes
Leah Six

* Pending verification of a competitive USFA membership and SC Division affiliation

Events Scheduled:
Y14 Women's Epee - not fenced
Y14 Women's Foil - not fenced
Y14 Women's Saber - not fenced
Y14 Men's Epee - not fenced
Y14 Men's Foil - not fenced
Y14 Men's Saber - not fenced
Senior Women's Div2/Div3/Vet Epee - not fenced
Senior Women's Div2/Div3/Vet Foil - not fenced
Senior Women's Div2/Div3/Vet Saber - not fenced
Senior Men's Div2/Div3/Vet Epee - 12:00PM
Senior Men's Div2/Div3/Vet Foil - 10:15AM
Senior Men's Div2/Div3/Vet Saber - 9:15AM