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Morehouse Youth Cup #4/FITS League Meet #3 Apr 23, 2017
Fence hard, earn points and represent your school! This will be the fourth Fencing in the Schools league events open to all high school-aged saber fencers. Fencers earn points based on their performance at each FITS league competition.
Tim Morehouse Fencing Club: New York, NY
posted 01/18/2017
More Info
Pre-registration cost: $40 until the day before the event.

Day-of registration: $55.

Events with fewer than 6 participants will be mixed.

Youth Cup.

This will be a learning tournament, focused on teaching new fencers (and their parents) how these events work.

Fencers will also gain cumulative points based on their performance at the previous Morehouse Youth Cup. See the current standings at

Events Scheduled:

Y8 Mixed Saber
Y10 Women's Saber
Y10 Men's Saber
Y12 Women's Saber
Y12 Men's Saber
Y14 Women's Saber
Y14 Men's Saber

FITS League Tournament/Div 2 Saber (C and Under)

Events Scheduled:

Div 2 senior Men's Saber
Div 2 senior Women's Saber
(Events with fewer than six participants will be mixed.)

Fencers win points based on their finish that will benefit both themselves and their team!