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Mid-South Mixed Weapon Team Training Event Feb 12, 2017 - Feb 12, 2017
Join us in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Mid-South Fencers' Club. To commemorate the event we are holding a Referee Certification and Education clinic over the weekend, and a unique Mixed Weapon Team event and Y14 Team Saber.
Mid-South Fencers' Club: Durham, NC
posted 12/13/2016
More Info
It is time to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Mid-South Fencers' Club! This year we are hosting a referee education clinic led by Mary Mahon in conjunction with a 3 weapon mixed team event. Thank you for supporting Mid-South, now let's keep supporting each other through referee education and community involvement.

Registration is FREE for the first 50 NC fencers with the coupon code: decade

To register, participants must go to the club website to sign-up:

Regarding the format for the tournaments in which referees will be observed:

Mixed 3 Weapon Team Events
Each 3 person team will be constructed of a foil fencer, epee fencer, and saber fencer. Teams will fight each other in a relay format based on the number of entries. If there are 6 teams or fewer we will have a round of pools followed by a direct elimination tableau. If there are 7 or more teams, we will go directly from a DE tableau.

Teams do not need to declare which fencers will fight each weapon until the start of the event. Inter-club teams are highly encouraged and a fun way to bridge the fencing community.

Competitive memberships in USFA and full competitive equipment standards per USFA tournament rules including 800N saber gloves will be required. Fencers must have been born in 2003 or earlier to fence.

Y14 Saber Team
To support our emerging Cadets and Juniors in our area and to provide them with some critical team event experience, we are offering a Y14 Saber Team event. Teams can be inter-club and mixed gender, with all fencers being age eligible to fence Y14 events. Tournament format will be standard 45 touch relay format, fenced from a DE tableu.

Have questions or need help registering? Email