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CenCal Junior Olympics Qualifiers 2017: Foil/Sabre Dec 17, 2016
Central California Division JO Qualifiers for Foil and Sabre will be held on Saturday, Dec. 17, 2016 at The Fencing Center, San Jose, CA. For registered USFA members in Central California ONLY. To Register Read the "More Info" Page.
The Fencing Center of San Jose: San Jose, CA
posted 09/27/2016
More Info
The Central California Division Junior Olympic Qualifiers are only open to USFA members registered in the Central California Division. Proof of membership is required. You may verify your membership and division affiliation at


Athletes are permitted to fence in their Division qualifying competitions only IF:
1) The athlete is a US Citizen OR Permanent Resident and a current competitive/collegiate
competitive member of USA Fencing AND
2) The athlete's birth year falls in that age bracket OR
3) The athlete is on the national rolling point standings in the next younger age bracket
4) You may only compete in this divisional qualifiers if you are a USFA member of the Central California division (on your current membership card). Please resolve any division issues directly with USFA on or before Friday, December 9 2016 so we can verify your eligibility.

Any fencer who is a citizen or permanent resident who has represented another country in the last three years is NOT eligible for any Junior Olympic Fencing Championships competition, individual or team, including corresponding Division qualifying competitions. A foreign fencer who is in the US on a visa is NOT eligible to fence in any National Championships or the Division qualifying competition.

The number of qualifiers is visible on the following document, Page 2.

More Info for on Qualifying Paths:


$30 per event if pre-registered on or before 12/02/2016

$60 per event if registering between 12/02/2016 - 12/8/2016: askFRED will not allow pre-registration during the “late registration” period; you must use the “Email the Organizer” feature in askFRED to register late at the $60 per event fee.

$90 per event if late registration (between 12/9/2016 – 12/15/2016 inclusive): askFRED will not allow pre-registration during the “late registration” period; you must use the “Email the Organizer” feature in askFRED to register late at the $90 per event fee.

$120 per event walk-in registration: we will allow walk-in registrations at the penalty rate of $120 per event at the bout committee’s discretion only. Walk-ins will not be allowed if we cannot verify the fencer’s eligibility using membership information we will download from the USFA on Friday, December 16. We will not allow walk-ins if an event has been cancelled due to fewer than three preregistrants.

Fees are payable by cash or check only.
Check made payable to: Central California Division USFA


UNDER 20 (JUNIOR) 1997-2003
UNDER 17 (CADET) 2000-2003

*Events with fewer than 3 entrants will be cancelled and all fencers in those events will auto-qualify.

**For events with 3 entrants, please show up to fence even though all 3 fencers in those events will auto-qualify.

***If the last qualifying spot is tied, there must be a fence off to determine qualification so we will fence off for third place, unless there are 13 or more participants.

Lame bib required for all Foil events.

FIE 800 NW Saber Gloves are required for all Saber Events.

Event starting times may be adjusted in order to minimize the interval between close of registration and the start of the event: please MAKE SURE YOUR ASKFRED EMAIL ADDRESS IS VALID AND CHECK YOUR EMAIL DURING THE WEEK PRIOR to the tournament.

See "Who's Coming" Section for Event Schedule.

(Starting Time may be subjected to change)