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Moe Found Friday Foil Open #100! Oct 21, 2016
Chance to fence with Olympians! Mixed open foil with bonus round and change in format. Entry fee is tax deductible as proceeds to Moe Fencing Foundation: 501(c)(3) providing underserved K-12 Greater Boston youth access to a comprehensive fencing program
Moe Fencing Club: Somerville, MA
posted 09/27/2016
More Info
Our 100th Foundation Friday tournament will follow a different format than the previous 99 events and provide an exciting opportunity to fence 2 recent Olympians! We will also have prizes for 8 fencers, and smaller "door-prizes" for all participants. The prize list will be posted on our Facebook page as they are gathered.

-Maximum number of fencers is 48. We will close askfred registration after the first 48 entries.
-Pools will be double stripped to expedite first round.
-Top 32 will be promoted to 2nd round.
-The table of 32 will be divided in two.
-Top 16 will fence DE's to number one. 17 - 32 will fence DE's to number one.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place fencers from the higher seeded table will form a team and fence an exhibition relay against a team consisting of former world champion and Olympic gold medalist Andrea Baldini and Croatian Olympian Bojan Jovanovic. Their third team-mate will be a "wild card" fencer. Bout committee will base this decision on what will make for a more competitive and interesting event. We may take the 1st place coming out of the lower seeded table, the fencer placing 4th from the higher seeded table or one of the 4th - 10th of the higher seeded table based on lottery.

Door prizes for all plus higher value gifts. So far the list includes:

-$100 gift certificate to Absolute Fencing Gear
-Steam Punk Fencer Lamp valued at $170 from
-Life size cardboard foos-ball table
-G-Shock sports watch
-Fitbit ChargeHR
-Keyboard Case for iPad Air2
-Gumball Machine
-$50 Absolute Fencing Gear gift certificate
-Movie Theatre gift certificates
-$25 Amazon gift card
-$20 Amazon gift card
-five games including Apples to Apples and Dart Ball
-heated plush micro fleece throw blanket
-mega screen video poker game


"Really" Late fee is now in effect:
Fee is now $55 if pre-paid online today before you get to Moe FC.
If you wait to pay at Moe tonight, you will be charged $75.

CHECK IN CLOSES at 6:45pm. Fencing will start as close to 7 pm as possible.

Once pools are posted, we cannot accept new entries. We will not give refunds to fencers who are late or don't show up (unless you have a note from and MD.)

Proof of USFA membership and WORKING full fencing uniform (including electric bib, long socks fencing pants) is required.

Activity participation waiver may be required and may be completed on day of event at venue.

Your entry fee is tax deductible as proceeds to Moe Fencing Foundation which is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization providing underserved K-12 youth in the greater Boston area access to a comprehensive and high quality fencing program.

Moe Fencing Club is a private club and reserves the right to review and deny participation in events held at its venue on a case by case basis.

We rely on the good will of all participants to make this a fun, exciting and productive event for all.

Events Scheduled:

Mixed Foil
Preregistration opens on 09/27/2016.
Really Late Fee Preregistration closes on 10/21/2016.