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NC 2016 Junior Olympic Qualifers Oct 29, 2016 - Oct 30, 2016
Junior Olympic Qualifiers for the NC Division! Preregistration closes 10/23/15. $30 for each preregistered event, $60 for each event at the door. Don't forget to bring proof of Date of Birth! NEW LOCATION!
Kestral Heights School: Durham, NC
posted 09/23/2016
More Info
Junior Olympic Qualifiers for the NC Division! Preregistration closes 10/23/14. Come support youth fencing in North Carolina! $30 for each preregistered event, $60 for each event at the door.

There will be a meeting after the events on October 29 at the same location.

Do not forget to bring valid proof of date of birth: state issued identification card, birth certificate, passport, etc. You will need this to complete sign-in at the door.

For fencers who are auto-qualified for an event AND pre-registered before the deadline, there will be no entry fee. For those who qualify in a Junior event on the first day, you may fence the next day's associated Cadet event for free if you have preregistered (ie. those who qualify in Junior Foil can fence Cadet Foil for free, if they meet the age requirement, were pre-registered, etc.).

Events Scheduled:
Junior Men's Foil Saturday 9:00AM
Junior Women's Saber Saturday 9:00AM
Junior Women's Epee Saturday 11:00AM
Junior Men's Epee Saturday 1:00PM
Junior Men's Saber Saturday 2:00PM
Junior Women's Foil Saturday 4:00PM
Cadet Men's Foil Sunday 9:00AM
Cadet Women's Saber Sunday 10:00AM
Cadet Women's Epee Sunday 10:00AM
Cadet Men's Saber Sunday 1:00PM
Cadet Men's Epee Sunday 2:00PM
Cadet Women's Foil Sunday 3:00PM

Times are close of registration. Registration opens one hour before close of registration.

Fencers are required to have:
Full fencing uniform (Mask, jacket, glove, plastron, knickers, long socks, breast protection for women)
Lame (Foil or saber)
Glove (all weapons- Saber gloves must be 800N FIE)
Cuff (Saber)(if needed)
2 weapons
2 body cords
2 mask cords (Foil or saber)
Mask must be the correct mask for the weapon fenced.
Uniforms do not require the athletes name.

Armorers will be checking masks, lames, gloves, cuffs (Saber)(if needed), body cords, and mask cords.

Preregistration opens on 09/23/2016.
Preregistration closes on 10/23/2016.