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San Diego Cup - 3W Youth #8 Jun 18, 2017
2nd San Diego Cup 3W Open event of the year! Get on top of the points standings and stay on top! Please compete in maximum two events $20 w/ pre-registration $25 w/out Medallions for top 3 finishers. Genders mixed. End of year awards for both genders.
Team Touche Fencing Center: San Diego, CA
posted 08/31/2016
More Info
2nd San Diego Cup 3W Youth event of the year!

Foil, epee, sabre; y10,y12,y14
$20 with pre-registration
$25 without

Medallions for top 4 finishers. Genders mixed during events. End of year, cumulative points awards for both genders. Points awards held at last youth event.

We kindly ask athletes to not register for events which run simultaneously.

The San Diego Cup is a series of tournaments held over the course of the season designed to name an overall Champion for all weapons at the end of the season. Cup points awarded to the top 32 finishers!

All events in this tournament are mixed gender.

These youth events (Y10, Y12, and Y14) may be sanctioned, subject to the overall strength of the competition in accordance with USFA rules. Medals will be awarded at the event for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Y10 birth years 2005 - 2008
Y12 birth years 2003 � 2006
Y14 birth years 2001- 2004

Tournament Format:
Standard- Single round of pools, 100% promotion to single Direct elimination table.
1) Y10 direct elimination bouts are for 10 hits or end when two periods of three minutes, with a one-minute rest between each period, have passed. The first period ends either at the expiration of three minutes or when 5 hits are scored, whichever comes first.
2) Y12 direct elimination bouts are for 15 hits or end when 3 periods of three minutes, with a one-minute rest between each period have passed.
The rules for handling ties in score at the end of regulation, awarding of cards and non-combativity will apply as currently written. There will be no exceptions made in Y10 or Y12 DE bouts.

Please help us run the events even smoother by volunteering. Fencers and supporters alike will benefit from learning the process from start to finish. This knowledge will assuredly give you a competitive edge.

If you'd like to be an official referee, time keeper or floor judge for an event, please contact us as well at:

Please bring proof of current USFA membership or register on-site. Entry fee is $20 if pre-registered or $25 for walk-in. Mask checks are mandatory. Current USFA rules will be applied.