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Utah Cup #1 (Youth and High School) Jan 14, 2017
Entry fees are $65 for league membership or $20 per cup. Pre-registration is required. Fencers may only enter 2 events per day. Fencers eligible to compete in the Under 19 Women's event may compete in 3 events per day.
Wasatch Fencing: Kaysville, UT
posted 08/30/2016
More Info
You must have a signed liability waiver in order to participate in this event. Check your email or talk to your coach for more information.

League Membership Dues are $65 (includes; four events, team tournament, awards and season t-shirt). Non-League Fencers pay per $20.00 cup. Payments will be accepted at the event (Cash or Credit Card).

Please remember to wear a full fencing uniform including knickers and underarm protector.

Due to an influx of late registrants (great news!), we have pushed the start times back for a few events. We are trying to maximize fencing space and minimize your wait times. Please make sure your teammates are aware. Here is the new schedule (Note that times listed are close
of registration):

9:00am Under 20
9:00am Youth 14
12:00pm Youth 10
1:00pm Under 20 Women
1:00pm Youth 8
2:00pm Y12 Sabre
2:00pm Under 20 Sabre
3:00pm E&Under (under 20)
3:30pm Youth 12