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Almost Summer Senior & Y12 Open - 2017 Jun 11, 2017
A three-weapon senior & Y12 open! 1st event $25 senior/$20 Y12 if pre-registered, $15 each additional event. $30 senior/$25 Y12, $20 additional event if not pre-registered. This is a USFA-sanctioned tournament; all USFA equipment rules will be enforced.
Minnesota Sword Club: Minneapolis, MN
posted 07/25/2016
More Info
A senior and Y12 open!

For those of you competing at Summer Nationals or other large tournaments, this event provides a chance to familiarize yourself with the equipment rules at regional or national USFA tournaments. We will be checking masks, lames, bodycords, and maskcords.

First event $25 for senior, $20 for Y12; $15 for each additional event if pre-registered. $30 for senior, $25 for Y12; $20 for each additional event if registering at the door. The MN Division accepts checks, cash, or credit/debit cards. This is a USFA-sanctioned tournament and competitive memberships are required. All USFA equipment rules will be enforced.

Events Scheduled:
Senior Mixed Epee (11 am)
Senior Mixed Foil (9 am)
Senior Mixed Saber (1 pm)
Y12 Mixed Epee (12 9m)
Y12 Mixed Foil (10 am)
Y12 Mixed Saber (2 pm)

If you are interested in refereeing at this tournament or helping with bout committee, please fill out the MN Division officials form: . Once we have your information, the Tournament Committee will be in touch!

Preregistration opens on 07/25/2016.
Preregistration closes on 6/9/2016.