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Boston Fencing Club D1A/D2/Bill Hall Vet ROC Mar 17, 2017 - Mar 19, 2017
Boston Fencing Club: Boston, MA
posted 07/19/2016
More Info
Boston Fencing Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The D1A/D2/Bill Hall's Vet Challenge ROC is sanctioned by USA Fencing.

Eligible Birth Years
D1A/D2 - 2003 or earlier
Vet - 1977 or earlier

Registration and Payment
Registration is through Payment must be made via Registration is not complete until payment is made. The regular fee registration period is open and ends on 2/25/17. The double-fee registration period begins on 2/26/17 and ends on 3/4/17. Triple registration period begins on 3/5/16 and ends on 3/11/17. Registrations will not be accepted through askFRED after 3/11/17. If your entry is listed as an “incomplete” on FRED’s list, you are not registered and will be considered a walkin at the triple rate! Incomplete registrations will be deleted periodically.

August 1, 2016 - February 25, 2017
Regular Period Registration fee: $30
Regular Period Fee per Event: $40

February 26, 2017 - March 4, 2017
Double-Fee Period Registration fee: $60
Double-Fee Period Event fee: $80

March 5, 2017 - March 11, 2017
Triple-Fee Period Registration fee: $90
Triple-Fee Period Event fee: $120

Walkin Fee
Triple-Fee Period Registration fee: $90
Triple-Fee Period Event fee: $120 PLUS $200
Total to walk in $410 for one event.

Registration fees will not be refunded. There are no exceptions. For refund of event fee(s), withdrawals must be received in writing no later than February 25. After February 25, there will be no refunds of event fee. Refunds are processed within 4-6 weeks following the tournament.

Avoid network issues on askfred and register early. We are not responsible if you are unable to register just before the deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS, for any reason, will be made for inability to pay before stated deadlines.

ROC Points
- Regional points to the top 40%, rounding up.
- Up to the best 3 results in a given category will be combined to determine a fencer’s Regional Rank each season.
- Athletes may earn points at ROCs in any region.
- There is NO trickle down for regional points. Points earned in a ROC tournament only appear in the category in which they were earned. (For example: Div 1A do NOT trickle down to Div 2).
- There IS trickle down for QUALIFICATION between Div 1A and Div 2/Div 3. Therefore, if a fencer qualifies in Div 1A and is age and classification eligible for Div 2 (Div 3), they earn qualification in that category as well.

ROC events function as qualifiers to the National Championships Division I-A, Division II and Veteran Categories, and may qualify fencers to other events, depending upon classification and status. The USFA Athlete Handbook contains detailed information on qualifying pathways and should be consulted as the appropriate reference document.

ROC tournaments are open to current USFA competitive members eligible to fence in Open competitions and to foreign fencers with current FIE licenses; however, foreign fencers are not eligible to compete in USA Fencing National Championship events. In the event that a foreign fencer finishes within the qualifying group, the foreign fencer will be skipped and only the highest-finishing eligible domestic fencers will qualify.

Qualification Path to Nationals from the Vet ROCs
• Fence in your weapon event(s) at any Regional Open Circuit during the current season.

Qualification Path to Nationals from the D1A ROCs
• Be in Top 8 at the previous season Div1A National Championship, OR
• Be in Top 4 at the previous season Div2 National Championship, OR
• Be on the current season’s Div1A ROC Regional point standings, OR
• Be in Top 8 of the current season Div 2 ROC Regional point standings

Regional Points – Top 40% of the competitive field will earn ROC points. The ROC point standings are not used for seeding National level tournaments. ROC points are considered seasonal.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to avoid delays and long waits, event times may be modified depending on number of entries. If an event time is changed, you will be emailed; however, you should continue to monitor askfred to ensure you know the correct time for your event.

Tentative Schedule of events:
09:00 - D2ME
09:30 - D1AWF
09:30 - D2WS
12:00 - VMF
1:30 - VWE
2:00 - D1AMS

08:00 - D1AMF
1:00 - D1AWE
1:00 - VWS
1:00 - D2WF
3:30 - VME
4:00 - D2MS

08:00 - D1AME
08:00 - VMS
08:00 - VWF
12:00 - D2MF
1:00 - D2WE
2:30 - D1AWS

Please note that event times listed are the CLOSE of registration. Fencers are required to be checked in (NOT WALKING IN) by this time. Fencing will typically begin shortly after registration closes. It is recommended you leave yourself ample time for travel, check-in, and equipment check prior to the close of registration of your events. Arriving at the venue at least 1 hour before the close of your registration is suggested.

Fencers must check-in each day by close of registration for their event that day.

Please be prepared to show your current competitive USFA membership card, FIE license, or proof of foreign federation membership; Government Issued ID: Passport, Birth Certificate, or USFA membership card with YOB verified) AND a signed waiver which can be downloaded from this event site on who's coming page.

Fencers may only fence in one event per day. Exceptions to this rule are at the discretion of the Bout Committee and Tournament Organizers.

Format and Seeding
The Bout Committee must use the current rating and points information found on the USFA website for seeding purposes. Please verify that your rating and point standings are correct with the USFA, and contact the National Office to resolve any discrepancies prior to March 11, 2016.

Seeding by classification is determined by USFA Letter Ranking with year classification. Athletes of the same classification/year will be seeded randomly within their criteria.

Current ratings can be verified here:
Current points standings can be verified here:

Live tournament seeding and results will be posted on

It is the athletes responsibility to notify the Bout Committee of any registration discrepancies before the close of check-in for the event. (i.e., wrong club, wrong rating, misspelled name, etc.) This information comes directly from askFRED; therefore, fencers should make sure their FRED profiles are up-to-date!

Uniform Requirements:

All USA Fencing uniform requirements apply. This includes the mandatory use of knickers, long socks, and underarm protectors. Names are NOT required to be on the uniform.
CONDUCTIVE FOIL BIBS ARE REQUIRED. As of August 1st, 2012, all tournaments nationwide will be required to use the conductive foil bib.

Blue Gauntlet will be on site for equipment purchases.

The Armory Equipment Check will test the mask, lame (foil/sabre), sabre cuffs, mask cords, body cords, and gloves. Items that have passed inspection will be specially marked, and referees will be checking for these marks prior to the start of fencing. Equipment Check is required for all competitors, with no exceptions.

Weapons check in will be open each day at 7:00 am. Fencers need only have their equipment checked once for the duration of the tournament.

Boston Fencing Club
100 Holton Street
Boston, MA 02135

Parking is available in the main lot at the front of the building as well as the side lot (in same area as fire vehicles) and in the back.

For your convenience, there is a super market plaza immediately across the street with Bruegger's Bagels, McDonalds and a Japanese restaurant. Also within walking distance are sandwich shops and other restaurants.

Host Hotel Info

Doubletree Hotel
400 Soldiers Field Road
Boston, MA 02134
617 783 0090

Rate is $149 per night. Cut off date is February 11. We are working to get the parking fee reduced and will note here if when do. We do appreciate you using the host hotel.

Click on link below for information to make reservations
Your HiltonLink is:

The hotel is located less 5 minutes from the venue and is directly off the Mass Turnpike (Exit 18 from West/Exit 22 from East - towards Cambridge)
If you have any issues making a reservation before the cutoff date, please email me ( so I can get it resolved.

Preregistration opens on 08/01/2016.
Preregistration closes on 2/25/2016.

If you have additional questions, please contact