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SYC in Portland Jan 20, 2017 - Jan 23, 2017
Big things are happening in Portland in 2017! NWFC is excited to host our first-ever SYC from Friday, Jan 20th through Monday, January 23rd. Live results:
Northwest Fencing Center: Beaverton, OR
posted 05/12/2016
More Info


    On Saturday
    Y12 Women's Foil will start at 1:00 PM (originally 12:00 PM)

    On Sunday
    Y12 Women's Saber will start at 10:00 AM (originally 8:00 AM)

The first SYC in Portland!

Live results:

The SYC in Portland serves as both a qualifying event for the 2017 Summer National Championships, as well as a national point standing events for Y10, Y12, and Y14.

Northwest Fencing Center
4950 SW Western Ave
Beaverton, OR 97005
(Directions at the bottom)

USFA memberships will be checked prior to the event against the USFA's membership database. Athletes without a current competitive membership must fill out all appropriate forms to pay for membership. Payment will be returned if membership cannot be verified.

USA Fencing is working towards an age verification process. An athlete can submit a copy of their birth certificate or passport to the National Office via email, mail or fax and they will verify the DOB in the database. Once the date of birth has been verified, it is indicated on permanent and temporary membership cards.

This season, parents should come prepared with ONE of the following in case the fencerís age needs verification for eligibility purposes or submit one of the following to:
1. A government issued photo ID with date of birth included
2. A copy of birth certificate
3. Passport

USFA rules apply. Full USFA regulation uniform is required, including plastron.

*To complete registration you must pre-pay


Friday January 20th
Y10 Men's Epee - 9:00am
Y14 Women's Foil - 9:00am
Y14 Women's Epee - 1:00pm
Y14 Men's Saber - 1:00pm

Saturday January 21st
Y12 Men's Epee - 8:00am
Y10 Men's Foil - 8:00am
Y12 Men's Saber - 12:00pm
Y12 Women's Foil - 1:00pm
Y10 Women's Saber - 3:00pm

Sunday January 22nd
Y12 Men's Foil - 8:00am
Y12 Women's Saber - 10:00am
Y14 Men's Epee - 12:00pm
Y10 Men's Saber - 12:00pm
Y10 Women's Foil - 3:00pm
Y12 Women's Epee - 3:00pm

Monday January 23rd
Y14 Men's Foil - 8:00am
Y14 Women's Saber - 12:00pm
Y10 Women's Epee - 12:00pm

*ASKFRED REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL PAYMENT IS MADE. All Registration dates and times will be on Pacific Standard Time.

- Until 01/01/17
$30 Registration Fee and $40 per event.

- Between 01/02/17 - 01/15/17
$90 Registration Fee and $120 per event.

- After 01/15/17 No registrations will be accepted, NO EXCEPTIONS

Withdrawals will be accepted up until the day before your event. Registration fee is non-refundable. Refunds of the Event Fee will only be given until January 8th, 2017. NWFC staff must receive the withdrawal information by that date for a refund to be issued. Refunds will be sent out 4-6 weeks after the completion of the event.

If your registration is being rejected for age, but you are currently listed on the National Rolling Points for the next lower age, please contact

A parent signature is mandatory on both the USFA membership form and the SYC waiver/informed consent.

Fencers must be a current competitive USFA or FIE Member. Proof of membership is required. All fencers who begin the registration process on FRED will receive membership status information via askFRED email using most current USFA membership data. Membership information can be found at the following link: While fencers are encouraged to get memberships directly through the USFA prior to the competition, completed USFA membership forms will be accepted at the door. If you do not have proof of membership, you will be required to complete and pay for a membership. Payment for memberships is made directly to the USFA ** NO CASH ** bring separate check or credit card number (preferred) for membership. Fencers under 18 years old are reminded they need the signature of a parent or guardian (not a coach) on BOTH the membership and waiver forms.

Youth 10 event 2006-2009
Youth 12 event 2004-2007, or on National Points for Y10
Youth 14 event 2002-2005, or on National Points for Y12

Since this event provides national youth rolling points and is a qualifying path for summer nationals for all youth groups, no events will mix.

One round of 5-touch/3 minute bout pools. 100% advance to direct elimination rounds. For Y14 and Y12, direct elimination bouts are 15 touch/9 minute bouts. For Y10, direct elimination bouts are 10-touch bouts.

National Points will be awarded to those placing in the top 40% of the competitive field regardless of where the cut occurs, with no rounding up, to a maximum of 32nd place, using the National points tables for Y10, Y12 or Y14 as appropriate.

Seeding for Youth Events shall be based on the following order:
1. Current national rolling point standings according to age group and weapon. This filters down the entire list, not just the top 32 as done in a NAC.
2. Letter ranking with year classification
3. Athletes with neither of the above are seeded on a random basis after the athletes who are seeded by the preceding factors.

*As per USFA Rules, 800 NW Sabre Gloves will be required*

All weapons will be scored electrically. Equipment (masks, gloves, lames, and body cords/head cords) will be inspected and marked.

All Y10 events must be fenced with a size 0 or 2 blade. This rule will be enforced

SYC T-SHIRTS - Preorder!

NEW 12/5: We now have our own store to pre-order the shirts! Any shirt order already placed through askfred will still be ready when you arrive at the event!

Hotel and Area Info

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