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Fences With Wolves 2016 Jun 12, 2016
DC Fencers Club: Silver Spring , MD
posted 03/29/2016
More Info
This tournament is a fundraiser for the Wolf Project of the Yellowstone Park Foundation. In 1995, the wolf, an integral member of the wilderness ecosystem, was reintroduced to Yellowstone Park. The Wolf Project studies the long-term impact on the Park's ecosystem. Over the past three years we've raised Sixteen thousand dollars . As a thank-you, the Yellowstone Park Foundation sent us a wonderful cast of a paw print. We are having this made into a special trophy and the winners of this year will have their names engraved on it alongside the past three year's Alpha Wolfs.

Participants in this youth fundraiser are encouraged (but not required) to join the pack and seek sponsors to back them as they battle for the title of Alpha Wolf. Sponsorship forms, allowing sponsors to pledge per point scored, will be emailed to preregistrants. Fencer/fundraisers will receive a special commemorative wristband. After the competition, sponsors will receive an email with their pledge amount and a link for online donation.

We have wolf-themed prizes for medalists, as well as a prize in each age group for the fencer with the greatest number of sponsors.

The fundraising web site is:

Registration fee is $35 for preregistered fencers and $45 at the door. A portion of tournament fees will go directly to the Yellowstone Wolf Project. You can only register in ONE event.

Events Scheduled:
Y10 Mixed (Only Register For one event) Epee
Y12 Mixed (Only Register For one event) Epee
Y14 Mixed (Only Register For one event) Epee

Preregistration opens on 03/29/2016.
Preregistration closes on 06/11/2016.