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2016 Keystone State Games Jul 30, 2016 - Jul 31, 2016
Update! New close of preregistration date: 7/26/16. BLUE GAUNTLET will be selling fencing gear both days! See MORE INFO page for all the details and updates that are new for this year.
York Fairgrounds, Utz Arena: York, PA
posted 03/13/2016
More Info
UPDATE as of 7/23/16: New close of pre-registration date, 7/26/16.

BLUE GAUNTLET will be selling fencing gear both days!

**Fencers are to pay registration and event fees via AskFRED. Fencers will not be considered to be preregistered without pre-payment via AskFRED and walk-on fees will be charged.

**No pre-payment via AskFRED, or otherwise, will be accepted after the close of preregistration (7/26/16). If you have preregistered on AskFRED, but made no pre-payment by 7/26/16, you will be considered a walk-on at the tournament and will pay $70 for your first event.

**The registration portion of the entry fee, and any AskFRED surcharges, are non-refundable. Event fees will be refunded for an athlete who needs to withdraw and does so via e-mail to the Organizer on, or before, July 26, 2016. After this date, no portion of the entry fees will be refunded. Refunds will be issued by check two weeks after KSG. Request emails must include the following info:
Fencer's name
To whom the check shall be issued
Mailing address
Event withdrawn

**Please endeavor to preregister for all of your events online as to provide the Organizers with a more accurate count of participants.

$45 Registration Fee
$20 First event if pre-registered and pre-paid on AskFred.
$70 First event if registering at the tournament as a walk-on.
In either case, each additional event is $20.

Walk ons are to pay their registration and event fees at the bout committee/registration table, not at the entrance to the venue, or online. Cash or check only. Spectators/family members are to pay their entrance fee at the entrance to the venue. See below.

CLOSE OF PREREGISTRATION is 7/26/16, 4 days before the event.

This is a USFA sanctioned event.

You will need to present your valid 2015-16 USFA membership to register and compete. To expedite the registration process, it is HIGHLY recommended that you obtain it prior to the tournament.
We cannot guarantee use of a computer for renewal. You may renew on your smartphone or other personal device prior to presenting at registration.
You need a current USFA membership to preregister on AskFred.

The bout committee reserves the option of combining the men's and women's veteran events into mixed events if there are fewer than 6 competitors in one of the single-sex events. If an event becomes mixed, men and women will still medal separately.

* As per USA Fencing's decision this past May, epee wires may once again legally be threaded through the channels in the socket intended for that purpose. The wires may also remain outside the channels, at the fencer's discretion. See

*USFA conductive bib rules for foil will be enforced. Rules concerning the conductive bib on the foil mask can be found in the current USFA rulebook t.471.2

*Transparent masks are NOT permitted in any weapon.

*Masks with exchangeable bibs are allowed. If the inspection mark is placed on the bib, be sure not to change out your inspection mark!

*Anyone participating in a foil or sabre event will need 2 mask cords.

*All gloves will be checked by the armorer for integrity of material. No tears or holes will be permitted
(except for those that allow for the body cord).

*For safety and insurance purposes, fencers and coaches must wear mask and glove while participating in drills, lessons, warm-up, with weapon in hand. Failure to comply may result in removal from the venue.

2015-16 USFA AGE Classifications:
Youth-14: 2001-2004
Junior (U-20): 1996-2002
Senior: 2002 or earlier
Veteran: 1975 or earlier

KSG charges an admission fee for spectators (anyone not competing, officiating or volunteering). Spectators include family members, and coaches, of the athletes. The following passes are available:
$10 Daily Fee
$15 "Two Day Pass"
$20 "All Event Pass" good throughout the tournament.
For more info on fees: