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Tech Open 2015 Oct 17, 2015
The venue for Tech Open is located in McCommas Hall, at 895 Washington Street SW, Blacksburg VA 24060. See you there!
McComas Hall: Blacksburg, VA
posted 07/22/2015
More Info
It's time again for the longest running tournament in Virginia! All events will be hosted on Saturday and will be starting a little later in the day so you don't have to get up so early to make it. $25 at the door and $20 if preregistered! Foil starts at 11, Epee at 12, and Sabre at 2.

-Directions to campus are explained at the following link:

Note that the tournament is in McComas Gym this year instead of War Memorial Gym.

-Anyone can park in the lot right next to the gym during the weekend.

Events Scheduled:
Mixed Epee
Mixed Foil
Mixed Saber

Preregistration closes on 10/16/2015.

Please email any questions to the club president or vice president at the following addresses: (President, Bryan Kress) (Vice President, Michael Cogswell)