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Three Weapon Olé Open Apr 25, 2015
UC Santa Barbara's Three Weapon "Olé! Open" Top 50% advance, bottom 50% get auto-entered into a repechage tournament, also sanctioned. Preregister on FRED and pay 30$ at the door. Entry is 50$ w/out FRED pre-reg. Contact
UCSB Multi-Activity Court (MAC): Santa Barbara, CA
posted 03/31/2015
More Info
Welcome to UC Santa Barbara: "Olé! Olé! Olé! Gauchos!"
This year, the UCSB Fencing team is running a fundraiser 3-weapons open. But this isn't just any three-weapon open. It is a high-stakes affair, where only the top fencers make it out of pools. Promotion will be the greater of 50% of the total participants or eight fencers. Can you handle it?

Those eliminated from the initial pool round will be automatically entered into a repechage tournament. This second event, which is also USFA-sanctioned, will be a separate tournament, but with 100% advancing from pools to direct elimination. Each repechage tournament will be smaller than its counterpart open, and the competition will not be as steep. But each is still a chance for glory, and an opportunity to gain valuable tournament experience against opponents of similar caliber. The repechage events are scheduled to start two hours after close of registration for the main events. Again, repechage tournaments are free with paid registration to an open of the same weapon.

This tournament is a fundraiser in support of the UCSB Fencing Team's travel to Collegiate National Championships in Pennsylvania. All USFA rules regarding equipment and safety will be strictly enforced. Participants must show proof of USFA membership if they are not included in the USFA database by April 18. Membership may be purchased at the event.

We will have prizes for winners in all events. And yes, we checked with the National Office to confirm the legitimacy of the format. It will be a lot of fencing!

Entry Fee is 30$/event with preregistration on FRED.
50$/event without FRED registration.

Preregistration opens on 03/31/2015.
Preregistration closes on 04/23/2015.

Events Scheduled:
Mixed Foil: 10 am
Mixed Epee: 12 pm
Mixed Saber: 1 pm

Location and Parking
The Olé Open will be held in the UCSB Recreation Center. Parking is available in Lot 16 and is $4 for the day. Find a map of campus here: