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California High School All-State Invitational Apr 25, 2015
We would like to invite you to the California High School All-State Invitational Tournament. Cost: $30 per School District. Close of Check-in: 9am
Halberstadt Fencers' Club: San Francisco, CA
posted 03/14/2015
More Info
The San Francisco high school coaches would like to invite your school district to participate in the California All-State Invitational High School Fencing Tournament.

Tournament Format:

Each participating school district will field one “All Star” boys team and one “All Star” girls team of three to twelve eligible high school fencers each, chosen from all of that school district’s high school fencers. This team will be headed by one or two coaches, chosen from all of that school district’s coaches. Normally there is a participation limit of one girls team and one boys team per school district, but this year we are waiving this rule in order to field as many teams possible. Therefore each school district may enter as many teams and fencers as they wish for the All-State tournament.

As an example of how we in the San Francisco High School District choose our All-State team. We select our team members at our S.F. All-City Tournament, which is held at the end of the fencing season at an individual boys and girls event. For the boy’s team, up to an additional four boys are voted by all coaches as the All-City Team. At the end of the All-City Meet, a boy’s team and girl’s team plus coaches are selected from all of our high schools to represent San Francisco in the All-State Tournament.

The All-State tournament this year will host girls and boys individual events. We encourage each district to field any number of girls they wish in a girl’s individual tournament. The format for both the boys and girls events will be pools, followed by direct eliminations with fence-off for third, where points will be earned by the final placing. The total points for the top three placing girls or boys from each district will be added together to determine the first place school districts in the girls and boys teams event.
The first place team trophy for boys and the first place team trophy for girls are perpetual trophies, which have been in the school systems for years.

To enter a team, a letter requesting a seat in the All-State tournament is needed from each school district wishing to participate.
This letter is requested, along with $30.00 (to cover the costs of prizes and gym rental). Please make out the check to Pannonia Athletic Club, and bring both to the tournament.

The prizes are as follows:

First place boys team—perpetual trophy.
First place girls team—perpetual trophy.

There will also be 24 medals awarded for:

First, Second, and Third place teams (boys and girls, 3 medals per team)
First, Second, and Third place individual(boys and girls)

NO USFA membership is required, no ratings will be awarded.
All other USFA rules and regulations apply.

Preregistration opens on 03/07/2014.
Preregistration closes on 04/25/2014.