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San Diego Cup - Y10/12/14 Sabre Jan 31, 2015
Official San Diego Cup event. Sanctioned. Limited to the Jr. age group , medals given to 3rd place athletes. The top 32 fencers will earn points that count toward San Diego Cup and a champion who will be named at the end of the season.
San Diego Fencing Center: Escondido, CA
posted 12/22/2014
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Events Scheduled:
Y10 Women's Sabre 10:30pm
Y10 Men's Sabre 10:30pm
Y12 Women's Sabre 12:00pm
Y12 Men's Sabre 12:00pm
Y14 Women's Sabre 1:30pm
Y14 Men's Sabre 1:30pm

The San Diego Cup, Junior is a series of tournaments held over the course of the season designed to name an overall Champion for all weapons at the end of the season. Cup points awarded to the top 32 finishers. There will be 5 total competitions in the Cup series; the top 4 results counting toward the final total. These are SANCTIONED USFA Jr. events, open to anyone with birth years 1994 2000, and medals will be awarded at the event for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Results will also be counted towards the San Diego Scholastic League (High School) fencers.

Tournament Format:
Standard- Single round of pools, 100% promotion to single Direct elimination table.

Please bring proof of current USFA membership or register on-site. Entry fee is $20 if pre-registered or $25 for walk-in. Mask checks are mandatory. Current USFA rules will be applied.

Birth Years:
Y10 2004-2007
Y12 2002-2005
Y14 2000-2003

Preregistration opens on 12/22/2014.
Preregistration closes on 01/30/2015.