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Oregon Division RYC #2 Region 1 Mar 28, 2015 - Mar 29, 2015
All three weapons and youth age categories. Points earned at this event help qualify the fencer for Summer Nationals. Only points earned within a fencerís own RYC region count towards qualification.
Northwest Fencing Center: Beaverton, OR
posted 11/18/2014
More Info
FRED Announces the Oregon Division RYC #2 Region 1

This event is for youths in the Y10, Y12, and Y14 age categories, to help them gain experience in larger "USA Fencing-style" competitions without having to travel out of their local region.

Events will be held in all three weapons and age categories. The division has specially designed dog tags as prizes for places 4-8, as well as its own Oregon Division medals to places 1-3.

Depending on the age of the fencer, points earned at this event help qualify the fencer for Summer Nationals. Y10 fencers must only have some regional points. Note that currently all fencers in Regional Youth Circuits (RYCs) tournaments earn regional points. For Y12, the fencer must be in the top 50% for regional points (in his or her region), or finish any SYC in the top 40%. Only points earned at RYCs within a fencerís own region count towards qualification. Y14 qualifies by either (1) being on the Y14 national point standings, (2) being in the top 25% for Y14 regional points, (3) being in the top 16 of the Y12 national point standings, (4) being in the top eight of the Y12 regional point standings, or (5) placing in the top 25% in the Y14 Division qualifying competition for the current season. All events will be run separated by gender in an effort to maximize points for each gender/weapon group since qualification for Summer Nationals can depend on RYC regional point totals. So unless there is only one entrant, we will not run mixed events.

Fencers that wish to fence in two events on the same day must report to the strip when called or they may be scratched from the event. We will try to accommodate people as best we can, but we will not delay events if a fencer is still fencing in another event.

IMPORTANT: At least 2 athletes must compete (have fenced) in a given RYC age/weapon event. Event results submitted with only 1 participant listed will not result in the athlete fulfilling the qualification requirement.

BRING YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD! All fencers must be current USFA members and be able to provide proof of membership. You may complete the application at the door, however the division STRONGLY encourages you to apply on-line at before the event and print out the receipt to show as proof of membership. Members without proof of membership will need to pay for another membership at the door. One-day memberships are not valid for this tournament.

Full USFA uniform is mandatory, including mask, jacket, plastron (underarm protector), fencing knickers, knee-length socks, lame, and glove. Each fencer will be required to have two working electric weapons (foil, epee, or sabre, as appropriate), and two working body/head cords as needed. All Y10 fencers will be required to use size "0" or size "2" blades (i.e., less than 32.5 inches long). Foil events require conductive foil masks.

DE Format: Y10 direct elimination bouts are for 10 hits or end when two periods of three minutes, with a one-minute rest between each period, have passed. The first period ends either at the expiration of three minutes or when 5 hits are scored, whichever comes first. Y12 direct elimination bouts are for 15 hits or end when 3 periods of three minutes, with a one-minute rest between each period have passed.

Equipment checks will be conducted . Please make sure your mask, body cords, weapons, and lames are in good working order prior to the event. Limited types of replacement equipment are available at NWFC (venue). To facilitate the equipment check, we may be offering equipment checks on Friday night. If so, details will be posted on this website, and emails sent to the pre-registered fencers. Please make sure that AskFred has your current email.

Age Requirements (2014-2015 Season only):
Y10: Birth years of 2004 - 2007
Y12: Birth years of 2002 - 2005
Y14: Birth years of 2000 - 2003

Pre-registration on AskFred is REQUIRED by 11:59pm on Friday night, 3/20/2015 (i.e. ONE WEEK before the event)

Fees: "on-time" registration fees are $15 per fencer, plus $15 per event (i.e., a total of $30 for one event) for those that preregister on AskFred on time. After the close of regular pre-registration time to midnight of the day prior to the tournament (March 28), fencers are welcome at triple registration fee and double event fee, if the board was emailed that you plan to fence. The day of the event you may fence with a walk-in fee of double triple. However, we donít want that, so please just register on time and save yourself some money.

Please remember that we only accept cash or checks at Division events. CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Please make checks out to the Oregon Division/USFA.

Healthy, fencer-friendly snacks are sold through a self-serve concession area. In the same building, Dorothy's Diner has affordable diner-style fare. Off-site food within 2 blocks has something for everybody: Uwajimaya (Japanese/grocery), Togos (deli), Koreana (Korean), Round Table (pizza), KFC (fast food), Hawaiian Time (Hawaiian).

On July 17th, 2013, the USFA Board of Directors adopted the USFA SafeSport policy, which outlines new requirements for all individuals who have frequent contact with minors. This includes coaches, referees, division officers, bout committee members, etc. Everyone is encouraged to familiarize themselves with the policy, which can be found here:

Come support our kids, families, and sport! And thank you for signing up for this event!