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HoF's Iron Knight Jun 15, 2014
We hope this years Iron Knight will be the biggest yet. As always, you fence all fencers present-one big pool! All bouts are no time limit, win by 4. Fence as long as it takes, 4-0, 24-20, or 304-300! Get ready for Nationals or test your endurance!
Hooked on Fencing: North Royalton, OH
posted 02/27/2014
More Info
Join us for the 9th Iron Knight & 7th Lady Knight. We will start on Sunday afternoon, and fence well into the Knight!!!!!

We hope this years Iron Knight will be bigger then ever. As in the past the format will stay the same. You shall fence all fencers present. One big pool; if there are 15 fencers, you will fence 14 bouts, 32 fencers, you will fence 31 bouts. You will fence each bout until someone is ahead by 4. ie 4-0, 15-11, 30-26, 234-230. This is a practice event. No ratings can be given out. Come get in shape for Nationals or just test your endurance!!!

Ladies, Yes the Lady Knight will be awarded, please join us.

Events Scheduled: Mixed Epee Round Robin

Doors open at 11:30 am, fencing to start at 12:30 p.m.,

Free Gatorade during the event.
FOOD, Free Pizza halfway through.

Door prizes: will be announced soon

Past entries, 2013 - 25, 2012 - 33, 2011 - 34, 2010-37, 2009 - 36,2008 - 32,2007 - 15, 2006- 12. 2007, 2006 we fenced each fencer twice !!

2014 ????????? lets set our sights on 40+

Entry fee $ 34 $ if paid via askFRED, $44 dollars at the club. Pay via askFRED and save $$$$$$$$
Pay by 6/14/2014 to save- no refunds on entries fees.

In the tradition of
Lou Gehrig #4 da Ironhorse
Cal Ripken da Ironman

Insert your name here "__________" da IronKnight