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Illinois Junior Olympic Qualifier Nov 24, 2013
$15 registration fee. $10 per event. $10 late fee if not preregistered. BRING PROOF OF USA FENCING MEMBERSHIP. JOIN ON LINE FIRST.
Henry Crown Sports Pavillion, Northwestern Univ: Evanston, IL
posted 10/25/2013
More Info
You must preregister for the JOs.
Registration fee $15. $10 per event. $10 late fee if not preregistered. Event fee(s) will be refunded if written withdrawal received before 11:59 PM November 22nd. Event fee(s) will be refunded if fencer qualifies in Junior and thus becomes an automatic qualifier in Cadet and chooses not to fence.

Events Scheduled (Times are close of registration):
Sunday, November 23, 2014

3:30 PM Cadet (U17) Women's Epee
1:30 PM Cadet (U17) Women's Foil
1:30 PM Cadet (U17) Women's Saber

1:30 PM Cadet (U17) Men's Epee
3:30 PM Cadet (U17) Men's Foil
4:30 PM Cadet (U17) Men's Saber

11:30 AM Junior (U20) Women's Epee
8:30 AM Junior (U20) Women's Foil
10:00 AM Junior (U20) Women's Saber

8:30 AM Junior (U20) Men's Epee
11:30 AM Junior (U20) Men's Foil
11:30 AM Junior (U20) Men's Saber

Preregistration closes on 11/22/2014.