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Cobra Div 1A/Div II Regional Open Circuit (ROC) Feb 8, 2014 - Feb 9, 2014
NOTE CLOSE OF CHECK-IN CHANGES FOR SOME EVENTS....Registration period is closed....NO WALK-INS.....Read "More Info" before e-mailing with questions.
Cobra Fencing Club: Jersey City, NJ
posted 08/18/2013
More Info
REVISED SCHEDULE (Close of check-in):
8:00 D1-A MF
8:15 D2 WE
1:00 D1-A WF (previously 12:00)
1:30 D2 ME (previously 12:30)
3:45 D2 WS (previously 3:00)
3:45 D1-A MS

8:00 D1-A ME
10:30 D2 WF (previously 8:15)
12:30 D1-A WE
2:00 D2 MF (previously 1:00)
3:45 D1-A WS
4:30 D2 MS (previously 3:00)

Follow tournament (on tournament day)live at

Important tournament information (including changes in close of check-in times) will be communicated through the FRED e-mail system. Be sure your e-mail address is up-to-date. Visit then go to "My FRED" to verify your current e-mail address.

Regional Open Circuit tournaments are open to current USFA competitive members eligible to fence in Open competitions (one-day membership are not valid for this tournament) and to foreign fencers with current FIE licenses. However, foreign fencers are not eligible to compete in USFA National Championship events. In the event that a foreign fencer finishes within the qualifying group, the foreign fencer will be skipped and only the highest-finishing eligible domestic fencers will qualify.

Official list of Auto Qualifiers is available at If individuals are on this list and finish in the qualifying group, they can be skipped and the next highest-finishing eligible domestic fencer will qualify.

Qualification Path to Nationals from the Vet ROCs

Fence in the weapon event at any Regional Open Circuit during the current season
Qualification Path to Nationals from the D1A ROCs

Place in top 8, of those eligible and not already qualified, at any current season Division I-A Regional Open Circuit [BoD, August 31, 2011] OR

Be on the current season’s Division I-A Regional Open Circuit point standings at the regular fee entry deadline for the USA Fencing National Championships with at least 1000 points [BoD, August 31, 2011].
Qualification Path to Nationals from the DV2 ROCs

Finish in the top 10% (with a minimum of 4) of a Division II ROC (see Table in Chapter 2.7) [BoD, September 2010]

If a fencer meets the classification requirement when his or her application is processed by the USFA, and subsequently earns a higher classification, the fencer retains eligibility for that tournament.

Note - Results posted at the venue and on FRED are not official; results must be verified by the national office for final determination of qualification). The Athlete’s Handbook ( contains detailed information on qualifying pathways and should be consulted as the appropriate reference document.

Regional Points – The ROCs award points to the top 32. Only the best 3 results count toward point totals; points can only be updated once results and program service fee are received by the National Office from the ROC tournament organizer. Please refer to Chapters 3 of the Athlete Handbook for more details on points.

ROC point standings:



• Div 2 - Open to any fencer who, regardless of nationality, born 2000 or before, or on the Junior National Rolling Point List, AND with rating no higher than "C."
• Div 1A - Open to any fencer who, regardless of nationality, born 2000 or before, or on the Junior National Rolling Point List
If you are on the NRP list and your entry is rejected for age, contact us and we will handle your registration. See current point standings at:

• Current USA Fencing competitive or other foreign federation membership required. Must present membership card at check-in.

Join/renew USA Fencing membership at: If no proof of membership you must complete and pay for membership at door.
Current membership list: You may join or renew USFA at the door (parent signature required if under age 18). Have separate check payable USA Fencing or use your credit card (preferred).
USFA cards can be reprinted at

• All fencers must wear required fencing attire and bring at least 2 working weapons and 2 working body cords. There will be a weapons check. Electric bib required in foil events.

** Liability waiver - Upon entering this tournament you agree to abide by the current rules of USA Fencing and other applicable rules instituted by Cobra Fencing Club. You acknowledge you are entering this tournament at your own risk and release USA Fencing and its sponsors, affiliated Divisions, Cobra Fencing Club, Emmes Realty, Escrime Management, referees, and staff from any liability. With entry you give consent to Cobra to obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital or clinic for any injury or illness that may arise during activities associated with this tournament. Photography, filming, recording, or any other form of media of the athlete during the tournament can be used by Cobra and USA Fencing. Any fencer wishing to opt out of media coverage must present in person to the Bout Committee**

..........ENTRY FEES
Registration fee is nonrefundable. Payment required for entry to be considered complete. Unpaid entries will be removed from the "who's preregistered" list. If you prefer to pay by personal check rather than on-line through FRED, e-mail the organizer for payment instructions.

• Regular fee period (Aug 18-Feb 1): $20 registration fee plus $40/event.
• Late fee period (Feb 2-3): $20 registration fee plus $50 per event.
• Walk-in (ENTRY SUBJECT TO SPACE)(Feb 4-9): $20 registration fee plus $60 per event. Payment must be made at the door in cash or check only. CREDIT CARDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Registration fee is nonrefundable. Refund request (for event fee only) must be received no later than Feb 1 - no exceptions. E-mail to submit refund request, please include a mailing address.

..........EVENTS SCHEDULED (close of check-in):
Event times are subject to change. Notifications will be sent through the FRED e-mail system and posted on the tournament home page. Arrive in time for equipment check and proper warm up so you will be ready to fence shortly after close of registration. Venue opens at 7:00 a.m.

8:00 D1-A MF
8:15 D2 WE
12:00 D1-A WF
12 :30 D2 ME
3:00 D2 WS
3:45 D1-A MS

8:00 D1-A ME
8:15 D2 WF
12:30 D1-A WE
1:00 D2 MF
3:00 D2 MS
3:45 D1-A WS

• USA Fencing rules apply (
• Full USA Fencing regulation uniform is required. Electric bib required in foil events. Must have at least two working weapons and two body cords.
• Only official (i.e. published on USA Fencing website)ratings will be used for initial seeding. Check your rating prior to the event and if there are discrepancies you must resolve the issue with UFA Fencing. Only an official response from USA Fencing will override the ratings published on the website. Check current ratings at
• ROC initial seeding using Classification/year.
• If fencing in two events on the same day, fencer must report to the strip when called. If fencer is not present upon 1st and then second call, then still not present at 3rd call they will be eliminated from the competition.

• Each event consists of two rounds (pools and direct elimination), with 100% promotion to Direct Elimination round. Pools: One preliminary round of pools comprised of the standard 5-touch bout in 3 minutes. 100% then advance to direct elimination round. Direct Elimination Tableau shall be comprised according to the results of the preliminary pool round. DE bouts are 15 touch/9-minute bouts. During the 1-minute break, ONE PERSON designated by the fencer (team-mate, coach, or parent) may be on the strip with the fencer.
• No fence-off for third place. Medals awarded to 8th place
• Ratings can be awarded. View US Fencing Classification Chart at

• Fencers are responsible for ensuring accuracy of all posted information and must report errors to the bout committee immediately. Fencer signature on pool score sheets and DE bout slip implies accuracy. Any mistakes in posted information throughout the tournament must be reported to the Bout Committee immediately (within 5 minutes of posting). Once DE round starts pool results are final and no adjustments will be made. Check all results before leaving the strip. Fencer signature on pool sheet and DE slip implies accuracy.
• Photography and filming is allowed, however NO flash photography is allowed near ongoing competitions.

• Withdrawal during pools: A fencer who withdraws, or who is excluded, is scratched from the pool, and his results are annulled as if he had not taken part.
• Withdrawal during DE: When for whatever reason a fencer cannot fence or cannot complete his bout, his opponent is declared winner of that bout. A fencer who withdraws does not lose his place in the overall classification of the competition.

Blue Gauntlet will be on-site for equipment sales

Armory staff will be on-site for repairs (fee applies)


Our concession will be open with food, drinks, and healthy snacks available for purchase.


FREE Wi-Fi... FREE parking

Lakawanna Warehouse
629 Grove Street, 4th Floor
Jersey, City NJ
See Mapquest link on tournament home page for driving directions.

From Manhattan by train: PATH train from Manhattan to Hoboken. The walk would be about 20 minutes. Taxis available in Hoboken (appx 4 minute ride to Cobra). Have the cab take Observer Highway West and turn left on Grove St. The Lackawanna Warehouse is on the right-hand side between 18th and 16th St.

Parking is available in lot directly across street and also the parking lot at the southwest corner of 18th/Grove Streets. Once the main parking lot is filled there are three other overflow parking locations:

1. You can park nose into the cyclone fence on 16th Street between Grove St. and Marin Blvd. Do not park in front of the sliding gate however.

2. There is a parking lot at the corner of Grove Street and 18th Street

3. You can go up the ramp located on Marin Blvd between 18th and 16th street. Do not block access to the truck bays. Stay to the right. If you are parking here drop off your fencer with a parent to check in. It's a 10 minute walk down the ramp and around the block to the Lackawanna Warehouse."


The Doubletree Hotel; rates start appx. $150
455 Washington Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07310
Tel: 1-201-499-2400

Hyatt Regency; rates start at appx. $200
2 Exchange Place

Westin Jersey City Newport; rates start at appx. $225
479 Washington Blvd