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Aramis Youth Tournament 2013 Apr 7, 2013
This is the last of the Three Musketeers youth challenge events for 2012-2013. Events scheduled for all 3 weapons; in 3 age groups.
Minnesota Sword Club: Minneapolis, MN
posted 02/04/2013
More Info
This is the last of the Three Musketeers youth challenge events.

Y10 Mixed Epee
Y12 Mixed Epee
Y14 Mixed Saber
Y14 Mixed Foil
Y10 Mixed Saber
Y12 Mixed Saber
Y14 Mixed Epee
Y10 Mixed Foil
Y12 Mixed Foil

Preregistration closes the Wednesday before the event, to allow us to schedule adequate referees.

* Pre-registration $15/ event; $20 onsite
* Youth fencers may fence in a second event ONLY if the start times are at least an hour apart.
* Times posted are close of registration. Fencers should plan to show up at least 20 minutes earlier to allow time to check in and warm up.
Year of Birth:
* Y14 - 1998, 1999, 2000,2001
* Y12 - 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
* Y10 - 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
* Fencers are *strongly* encouraged to discuss with their coach which event(s) are right for them.
* Format: Y14 - one round of pools with 100% promoted to a direct elimination round of 15-touch bouts
* Format: Y12 and Y10 - one round of pools with 100% promoted to a direct elimination round of best two of three 5-touch bouts
* If there are at least 6 boys and at least 6 girls in one event, the event will be split into two events based on sex. Otherwise the event will be mixed boys and girls.

* All fencers must be members of the United States Fencing Association (USFA). Membership forms will be available at the meet. Membership forms will be available at the meet, however, the USFA now charges an additional fee for processing hardcopy memberships; for online membership, renewals, and 1-day memberships, go to
* USFA rules will be enforced. With regard to safety, each fencer must wear full fencing clothing, including a sous-plastron (under-arm protector), knickers, and long socks. Masks will be punch-tested for safety at the event.
* We understand that electric equipment can be a difficult issue for youth fencers and their parents, but in order to keep the meet running smoothly, each fencer should have his/her own lame (foil/saber), electric mask (saber), and primary body cord and weapon. USFA rules require each fencer to have a second body cord and a second weapon by the strip; sometimes these may be shared amongst teammates/friends, however the spare equipment should be at the strip during your bouts.
* Blade length for Y10 fencers must be stamped '0' (30 inches long) or '2' (32 inches).