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Peninsula Fencing Academy RYC - Region 4 Mar 23, 2013 - Mar 24, 2013
Please join us for a premiere RYC in Northern CA. Great 16-strips venue (grounded strips for finals), great referee cadre, and great tournament efficiency you have come to expect from the tournament operations team of Peninsula Fencing Academy.
Red Morton Community Center: Redwood City, CA
posted 01/26/2013
More Info
Please join us for a premiere RYC in Northern CA!

The venue is easily accessible from highway-101, with a dedicated parking lot. We will be featuring 16-strips (grounded strips for finals) plus a dedicated spectator space, great referee cadre, equipment vendor, professional armoring team, and great tournament efficiency you have come to expect from the tournament operations team of Peninsula Fencing Academy.

We are pleased to fly in national/international referees in addition to hand-picked cadre of strong local/regional referees. The team of referees include those who have officiated final rounds of Div I Championships, NCAA National Championships, and World Cups! In addition, we will also be featuring a team of armorers who worked at the Olympic Games and World Cups, including a member of the SEMI Commission (that means he REALLY knows what he's doing!)

Regional Youth Circuit is part of a qualification path for North American Cup and Summer National Championships! Participants in Y10/Y12 events (of 2 or more competitors) are eligible to compete in Y10/Y12 NAC, while the winner of Y14 events qualify for the Summer Nationals.

Events Scheduled:
Y10 Women's Epee - Sun 3/24 11:30am
Y10 Women's Foil - Sun 3/24 8:00am
Y10 Women's Saber - Sat 3/23 9:00am
Y10 Men's Epee - Sun 3/24 11:30am
Y10 Men's Foil - Sat 3/23 2:30pm
Y10 Men's Saber - Sat 3/23 9:00am
Y12 Women's Epee - Sat 3/23 8:00am
Y12 Women's Foil - Sat 3/23 11:30am
Y12 Women's Saber - Sun 3/24 11:00am
Y12 Men's Epee - Sat 3/23 8:00am
Y12 Men's Foil - Sun 3/24 12:00pm
Y12 Men's Saber - Sun 3/24 11:00am
Y14 Women's Epee - Sun 3/24 8:00am
Y14 Women's Foil - Sun 3/24 8:00am
Y14 Women's Saber - Sat 3/23 12:30pm
Y14 Men's Epee - Sun 3/24 8:00am
Y14 Men's Foil - Sat 3/23 8:00am
Y14 Men's Saber - Sat 3/23 12:30pm

If there are less than 6 entries in same weapon, same age category, in each gender, the events may be mixed.


AGE REQUIREMENTS (2012-2013 season only):
Y10: birth years of 2002 - 2005
Y12: birth years of 2000 - 2003
Y14: birth years of 1998 - 2001

Your USA Fencing Membership card has a birth year verification status. If it does not say, "VERIFIED: Yes", then you must bring a BIRTH CERTIFICATE or other GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID that shows birth date.

COSTS: (online registration deadline has been extended from MARCH 8, 2013 to MARCH 15, 2013)

Normal fee: $30 registration + $25 per event.
After deadline: $60 registration + $50 per event.
At the door: $200 registration + $100 per event.

There is an option to make an online payment when you register for each event. Your registration process is not complete until we have received your payment. Deadline is March 8th, 2013. You can also send a check (payable to Peninsula Fencing Academy) to:

Peninsula Fencing Academy
835 E San Carlos Ave, Suite B
San Carlos, CA 94070

WITHDRAW/REFUND: All withdraws must be received by MARCH 15th for a refund of event fees. No refunds will be given after the deadline. Refunds are processed 4-6 weeks after the tournament.

EQUIPMENT WILL BE CHECKED. PLEASE BRING SHORT (SIZE #0,#2) BLADE FOR Y10 EVENTS. It helps to check beforehand that your body cord, lame, mask, etc are in safe, working order, and also that they are in compliance with the USFA Fencing Rules.

We are happy to host local food vendors who can provide, tasty, healthy food!


Redwood City, CA is conveniently located between San Francisco - SFO and San Jose - SJC airports. For those traveling by car, the venue is easily accessible from highway-101.


We recommend Good Nite Inn. Close to highway exit, and very low rates (avg daily below $60.)

Preregistration opens on 01/26/2013.
Preregistration closes on 03/08/2013.