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Oregon Division RYC # 2 Region 1 Feb 2, 2013
Events held in all three weapons and youth age categories, with medals awarded to the top three male and female fencers. Participation of at least two fencers (in Y10 and Y12) (and in Y14, of the same gender) will qualify fencer for a NAC or Nationals.
Northwest Fencing Center: Beaverton, OR
posted 10/15/2012
More Info
FRED Announces the Oregon Division RYC # 2 Region 1

This event is for youths in the Y10, Y12, and Y14 age categories, to help them gain experience in larger "USFA-style" competitions without having to travel out of their local region.

Events will be held in all three weapons and age categories, and medals awarded to the top three male and female fencers in each weapon/category. Participation qualifies fencers for the Y10 or Y12 competitions at North American Cups (as age appropriate), while the winners of the Y-14 events are qualified for Summer Nationals. With this in mind, the Y14 events will be run as a combined pool round and then the DEs will be split into boys/girls, with the winner of each qualifying for SN.

Fencers that wish to fence in two events on the same day must report to the strip when called or they may be scratched from the event. We will try to accommodate people as best we can, but we will not delay events if a fencer is still fencing in another event.

IMPORTANT: NEW FOR 2012-2013: Note: At least 2 athletes must compete (have fenced) in a given RYC age/weapon event to fulfill eligibility requirements for the Y10 and/or Y12 NAC or for a first place finish to result in qualification to the Y14 Summer National Championships. Event results submitted with only 1 participant listed will not result in the athlete fulfilling qualification requirement. i.e. Y14 events will need to have at least two athletes of the same gender to be a qualifying event.

All fencers must be a current USFA member (or complete the application at the door), and bring their membership card. Full USFA uniform is mandatory, including mask, jacket, plastron (underarm protector), fencing knickers, knee-length socks, lame, and glove. Each fencer will be required to have two working electric weapons (foil, epee, or sabre, as appropriate), and two working body/head cords as needed. All Y10 fencers will be required to use size "0" or size "2" blades (i.e., less than 32.5 inches long). Foil events will be conducted with the new foil mask requirement

Equipment checks are conducted at RYC events held in the Portland area. Please make sure your mask, body cords, weapons, and lames are in good working order prior to the event. Limited types of replacement equipment are available at NWFC (Beaverton).

Age Requirements (2012-2013 Season only):
Y10: Birth years of 2002 - 2005
Y12: Birth years of 2000 - 2003
Y14: Birth years of 1998 - 2001

Pre-registration on AskFred is REQUIRED by 11:59pm on Wednesday Jan. 30, 2013 (i.e. TWO days before the event) If you are pre-registered by the deadline, pay just $15 per fencer registration fee and $10 per event at the door (i.e. $25 for one event and $35 for two events.) After the close of regular pre-registration time to midnight of the day prior to the tournament, fencers are welcome at triple registration fee and double event fee (i.e. $45 to register and $20 per event), if board notified prior to midnight Friday. The day of the event you may fence with a walk-in fee of double triple (i.e. $90 per fencer and $60 per event.) However, we donít want that, so please just register on time and save yourself some money.

Please remember that we only accept cash or checks at Division events. CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Please make checks out to the Oregon Division/USFA.

Healthy, fencer-friendly snacks are sold through a self-serve concession area. Thanks to parent volunteers, we anticipate offering an affordable lunch (taco bar meal with drink, salad and dessert) for $3, similar to the BBQ meal offered during our 9/9/12 RYC. Come support our kids, families, and sport and eat with us! And thank you for signing up for this event!