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San Antonio Fencing RYC Oct 20, 2012 - Oct 21, 2012
Mark your calendar 2012 Fall RYC.
San Antonio Fencing Center/Salle Pouj: San Antonio, TX
posted 09/27/2012
More Info
San Antonio Fencing 2012 RYC

WHEN: October 20th & 21st, 2012

WHERE: San Antonio Fencing Center/Salle Pouj
435 Isom Rd. San Antonio, TX 78216
**Please Gnote our NEW location**

Schedule of Events and Registration Close:

Saturday, October 20th:

8:30AM Y-10 Mens and Womens Sabre
9:00AM Y-12 Mens and Womens Epee
10:30AM Y-14 Mens and Womens Foil
1:00PM Y-12 Mens and Womens Sabre
2:00PM Y-10 Mens and Womes Epee

Sunday, October 21st:

8:30AM Y-12 Mens and Womens Foil
10:30AM Y-14 Mens and Womens Sabre
1:00PM Y-14 Mens and Womens Epee
2:00PM Y-10 Mens and Womens Foil

A minimum of 6 fencers in each event must be present for that event to be held separate. In the event their are fewer than 6 fencers the event will be fenced "mixed."


* This is a USFA tournament, current USFA membership is required. Mmbership will be available on-site.

*All fencers must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

*In case of questions, please bring proof of age.

*The use of the conductive metalic bib IS required for ALL foil events.

*Fencers must present themselves in full fencing uniform.

*Equipment must pass control, and have appropriate inspection marks.

*Fencers may participate in no more than two events in one day. Rest times (3 minutes/pool, 10 minute/DE) apply only to a fencer in their current event. No additional rest time will be granted to fencers competing in overlapping events.

*Fencing bags must remain in designated areas.

*Concessions will be available on site.


September 27th - October 9th

Registration Fee: $25.00 (This includes required USFA headtax and RCY/SYC circut fee.)

Weapon Fee: $15.00 - per weapon/event

October 10th - 17th

Registration Fee: $25.00

Weapon Fee $15.00 per weapon/event

Late Fee $15.00

* If you have registered online, but NOT pre-paid there is a $10.00 late fee for on-site payment in addition to your registration and weapon fees.

* Walk-In Registration: All walk-in registations have 35.00 late fee in addition to the $10.00 registration fee and $15.00 weapon fee.

* Online Registration closes on October 17th!

* Refund Policy: $35.00 of your registration fee and all ask-fred processing fees are non-refundable.


TBA...Please check back soon for details & pricing