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PHL Div 2012-2013 Cadet (U17) J.O. Qualifiers Dec 2, 2012
For USFA members of PHL Div ONLY. Age restricted: Birth year must be 1996-1999 NO WALK-INS ACCEPTED Registration is now at DOUBLE FEES; registration closes 11/29/2012. You are NOT registered until you pay in full.
Strath Haven Middle School: Wallingford, PA
posted 09/24/2012
More Info
Only USFA-registered, Philadelphia Division-registered fencers of appropriate age are eligible to compete in this event. (POSTED USFA ratings and points standings as of the day prior to competition are the only ratings/points that will be considered at time of check-in.)

For non-FRED registration or questions, contact or 267-228-8459. See below about deadlines and fees.

Events Scheduled:
U17 Women's Foil, 8:30 am
U17 Womens' Epee, NOON
U17 Women's Sabre, 2:30 pm
U17 Men's Foil, 8:30 am
U17 Men's Epee, NOON
U17 Men's Sabre, 2:30 pm
These times are close of check-in; check-in opens at 8am for foil events and one hour prior to the listed time for the other events.

The fencer must present proof of CURRENT USFA membership at the time of check-in. It is the fencer's responsibility to show such proof. No one will be permitted to fence without a valid, proven, and CURRENT USFA membership.

Registration opened 09/24/2012. Registrations at regular fees were accepted on FRED (or via paper) until midnight, 11/25/2012. WHETHER VIA FRED OR VIA MAIL, YOUR REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED.

Registration at double fees is now open to 11/29/2012. NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED AFTER 11/29/12.