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Septemberfest Open Tournament Sep 17, 2011
This is an OPEN competition, with points earned submitted for inclusion in domestic rankings. Valid CFF and USFA competition licenses are required. Entry fee $42 for first event. $32 for each additional event. After Sept. 9th registration $55 per event
St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School: Cambridge, ON
posted 08/09/2011
More Info
This is an OPEN competition, with points earned submitted for inclusion in domestic rankings.

Events Scheduled:
Women's Epee - 11:30 am
Women's Foil - 10:30 am
Women's Saber - 2:45 pm
Men's Epee - 8:00 am
Men's Foil - 1:00 pm
Men's Saber - 2:45 pm
Women's Veterans Epee - 2:30 pm
Women's Veterans Foil - 8:00 am
Women's Veterans Saber - 12:00 pm
Men's Veterans Epee - 2:30 pm
Men's Veterans Foil - 8:00 am
Men's Veterans Saber - 12:00 pm

All participants are required to have a CFF License and a valid
provincial EXCELLENCE OFA membership. Memberships must be purchased at
least 72 hours prior to the competition.  USFA members must show a
valid USFA membership card.

This competition will be run according to current FIE regulations. The
organizers reserve the right to interpret all rules and regulations as
required to ensure a smooth running competition. Your attention is
drawn to section t.15 of the FIE rules.

Full fencing attire including sous-plastrons is required (no
trackpants). Any lexan masks must be within two years of their date
stamp (i.e. must conform to FIE currency regulations), and are
permitted for sabre only. Conductive foil bibs are required. All sabre
fencers must wear a manchette or conductive cuff.

Any posted timings are only provisional, and may change as required.

This competition is sanctioned by the Ontario Fencing Association.
Points will be submitted to the CFF for inclusion in the domestic

Registration in multiple events is permitted, but please note that
individual fencers will not be permitted to interfere with the flow of the
competition, and as such may be required to withdraw from overlapping
events. In such cases, no refunds will be offered.