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2012 Austin Challenge and RYC May 12, 2012 - May 13, 2012
Announcing the 2012 Austin Challenge and RYC. This is a 3 weapon RYC and Senior Mixed and Women's Events
Austin Sports Center in Cedar Park: Cedar Park, TX
posted 08/02/2011
More Info
Full RYC plus Senior Events

This is a USFA event. USFA membership is required and all USFA rules apply.

Where: Austin Sports Park in Cedar Park

When: May 12-13, 2012

EventRegistration Closes
Senior Mixed Epee 5/12 8:00 AM
Senior Mixed Foil 5/13 8:00 AM
Senior Mixed Saber 5/12 3:00 PM
Senior Women's Epee 5/12 3:00 PM
Senior Women's Foil 5/12 8:00 AM
Senior Women's Saber5/13 12:00 PM
Y10 Women's Epee 5/13 8:00 AM
Y10 Women's Foil 5/12 9:00 AM
Y10 Women's Saber5/13 2:00 PM
Y10 Men's Epee 5/13 8:00 AM
Y10 Men's Foil 5/12 9:00 AM
Y10 Men's Saber5/13 2:00 PM
Y12 Women's Epee 5/12 11:00 AM
Y12 Women's Foil 5/13 10:30 AM
Y12 Women's Saber5/12 12:00 PM
Y12 Men's Epee 5/12 11:00 AM
Y12 Men's Foil 5/13 10:30 AM
Y12 Men's Saber5/12 12:00 PM
Y14 Women's Epee 5/13 12:30 PM
Y14 Women's Foil 5/12 1:00 PM
Y14 Women's Saber5/13 10:00 AM
Y14 Men's Epee 5/13 12:30 PM
Y14 Men's Foil 5/12 1:00 PM
Y14 Men's Saber5/13 10:00 AM

    Early registration and payment of fees provides the tournament organizer with the information needed to space event times properly, hire enough referees and have enough strips for the events.
    $10 of the registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Any requests for fee refunds (less any askfred fees) due to outstanding and unusual circumstances are at the discretion of the organizers and will be processed after the tournament.
    Registration is NOT COMPLETE without payment of fees and will be assessed applicable late fees.
    Contact for an address if you prefer to mail a check.

      $45 Regular Registration
      $65 Late Registration (after May 5th)
      $100 At the Door

      $35 per event
      $45 per event (after May 5th)

*Please note that unless 5 or more athletes are entered in both the Men's and Women's events for a Y10 or a Y12 Age Groups, the event will be fenced as a mixed event per RYC guidelines.

Parents should come prepared with ONE of the following in case the fencer's age needs verification for eligibility purposes:
  • A government issued photo ID with date of birth included
  • A copy of birth certificate
  • Passport

The RYC is a qualifying path for Y10 ad Y12 fencers to fence in the July NAC. Also, those fencers finishing in 1st place in a Y14 event qualify for the Summer Championships in July.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING NATIONALS QUALIFICATIONS: Although the Austin Challenge takes place after the deadline for registering for Summer Nationals, the Austin Challenge has been approved by the USFA as a qualifying tournament. The USFA will NOT waive the late registration fees simply because the Austin Challenge is one week after the deadline. If a fencer hopes to qualify for Summer Nationals at the Austin Challenge RYC, the fencer must register for Summer Nationals by the May 7 USFA deadline, and accept the withdrawal policy if he or she fails to qualify for Nationals.

Those who have not had their birth year verified by the USFA will also have to show a birth certificate or passport at the tournament.

BIRTH YEAR ELIGIBILITY(2011-2012 season):
  • Youth 10 event 2001-2004
  • Youth 12 event 1999-2002, or on Youth 10 NRP List
  • Youth 14 event 1997-2000, or on Youth 12 NRP List
  • Senior Men's and Women's events: 1998 or before, or on Junior National Rolling Points List

  • All participants must be competitive members of the USFA of FIE. It is incumbent upon the FENCER to show proof of membership. Internet access may not be available at the venue, so do not rely on the tournament organizers to have access to all Division membership lists.
  • Pre-registered fencers will receive membership status information via askFRED email using most current USFA membership data. This email may serve as proof of membership. Age status will be checked against USFA membership data - bring proof of age if there are discrepancies.
  • If you have not obtained your USFA membership at least one week prior to the event, it is recommended you register at the event!
  • If you do not have proof of membership, you will be required to complete and pay for a membership. Payment for memberships is made directly to the USFA (NO CASH!); bring a separate check or credit card number (preferred) for membership.
  • Fencers under 18 years old are reminded they need the signature of a parent or guardian (not a coach) on BOTH the membership and waiver forms.
  • Special rules for ONE DAY MEMBERSHIPS:
      1) Per the USFA National Office, one day USFA memberships are NOT VALID FOR RYC participants (or participation in other National tournaments holding qualifying events such as NAC's, ROC's, etc.) .
      2) One day USFA memberships may be purchased for the OPEN EVENTS ONLY and only through the USFA's website. There WILL NOT be Internet available at the venue for this.
      3) Fencer's purchasing one day memberships must bring proof of purchase to the tournament for EACH day they may be fencing. Without proof of membership, fencers will be required to complete a USFA membership form and pay the full annual dues at the venue before they will be allowed to fence.

  • Waiver of Liability
      The Austin Challenge or South Texas Division Waiver of Liability is required to be filled out and signed. Fencers under 18 must have a parent signature on the waiver in order to be able to fence. This waiver will be attached as a PDF file to the registration confirmation email from askfred. A copy of the waiver may also be downloaded here: