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May Friday Night Fight Night May 13, 2011
Westdale Fencing Club is pleased to announce a monthly series of 'Just For Fun' bouting opportunities.
Westdale Fencing Club: Hamilton, ON
posted 04/04/2011
More Info
Westdale Fencing Club is pleased to announce the first in a monthly series of 'Just For Fun' bouting opportunities.

This is not a formal competition, but rather an opportunity to fence with some new faces and hone competitive skills in an environment that is more competitive than regular 'club' fencing, but without the stresses of formal comeptition. All events will be mixed gender and ability, and the format will vary based on the needs of the participants. Please note that no prizes will be given, nor final standings calculated.

In conjunction with these nights, we'll also be offering opportunities for those who are interested in getting some supervised refereeing experience. If this is of interest, please contact


Mixed Foil: close of registration 6:30
Mixed Sabre: close of registration 7:15

Late entrants will be accommodated but will not be permitted to interfere with the flow of the evening.

Registration in both events is permitted, but once again, fencres will not be permitted to interfer with the flow of the evening.


Each event costs CDN $20 to enter. US currency is accepted at par. Fees are due at the door (cash or cheques only please).

Other Information

- Fencers must provide their own equipment.

- Sous-plastrons and electric equipment are required.

- Fencing breeches are not required, but all pockets must be sealed, and no skin visible (except for the unarmed hand).

- Conductive bibs for foil are encouraged, but are not required.

- Some matches will be self-refereed.

- Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. We are restricting the number of entrants to ensure that everybody gets lots of fencing, and fencers who have not pre-registered will only be permitted to particiapte if space permits.