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Referee Clinic w/Mark Stasinos at Salle Palasz     Sep 25, 2021
Salle Palasz: Catonsville, MD Maryland Division and Academies of Fencing are pleased to host Referee Commission Vice Chair Mark Stasinos for a referee clinic.
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Map to 1120 N Rolling Road Catonsville MD 21228
37 Preregistrations
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Chong, Christopher POFC
Dickens, Robert AFB / SP
Dusza, Zachery CHESAPEAKE
John Ayi, Neville Pascal AFB / TWC
Jones, Tyler AFB / TWC
Kim, Jaewon POFC
Kim, Kailyn POFC
Kim, Ryan POFC
Kuczajda, Matthew AFB / TWC
Lee, Alice OTFC
Lee, Daniel Yedarm POFC
Lee, Gloria POFC
Lee, Samuel Yechan POFC
Lee, Semmie OTFC
Lee, Yedda POFC
Lewis, Carrie AFB
Marsh, Alex UMBC
McConnell, Grady AFB
McConnell, Quinlan AFB
Noel, Eden AFB
Noel, Jason AFB
Olvey, Thomas AFB / TWC
Park, Ian POFC
Piccus, Isaac CARDINALFA
Rhyu, Kozmo POFC
Rosenberger, Paul SJCFU
Schulze, Ethan AFB / TWC
Shea, William UMBC / SP
Sherwood, Isaac AFB / TWC
Sivakumar, Ajit CARDINALFA
Talbott, Claudia UMBC / SP
Wagner, Joseph AFB / SP
Watson, Logan AFB / TWC
Whitehead, Karsonya (NONE)
Woolf, Fredrika AFB / FIA-B
Wright, Madison POFC
Zheng, Zhe AHFC