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2019 Winter International Camp     Dec 27, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019
Northwest Fencing Center: Beaverton, OR FOIL & EPEE CAMP Join special guests, NWFC coaches and competitive fencers for a winter camp featuring great bouting, critical thinking and video.
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Map to 4950 SW Western Ave Beaverton OR 97005
40 Preregistrations
Fencer Club
Barnes, Olivia NWFC / HIGHDES
Boschert, Andrew NWFC
Ding, Abigail NWFC / MTFC
Du, Shunyi (Wendy) NWFC
Du, Shunyu (Kevin) NWFC
Duan, Annie NWFC
Duan, Jenny NWFC
Dubourg, Heloise FRA
Hollander, Helena HIGHDES
Iyoki, Kent NTFA
Jones, Bryan NWFC / UNAT
Kale, Anika NWFC
Lei, Jacob NWFC
Lei, Joshua NWFC
Li, Brian X. MTFC
Lloyd, Alex NWFC
Mako, Keegan NWFC
Mako, Kieran NWFC
McFarland, Kai NWFC
McGaw, Julian NWFC
McGaw, Maia NWFC
McLoudrey, Callan NWFC
Min, Eric NWFC
Nason, Amelia NWFC
Parker, Rosie VASSAR / NWFC
Rayle, Evan NWFC
Rousseau-Escoffier, Pierrick FRA
Russell, Alison SHF
Russell, Renata SHF
Sellerian, Alexandre FRA
Shertz, Kira NWFC
Strugar, Marcus NWFC
Strugar, Steliana NWFC
Sullivan, Emma NWFC
Vogler, Justin NWFC
Volkmann, Daniel NWFC / UNAT
Zheng, Xiaolai HIGHDES
Zhong, Alan NWFC
Zuhars, Renee CARD
Mehrotra, Anya NTFA / UNAT