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Refereeing Seminar by CRI Sean Shumate     Sep 8, 2019
Iowa City Fencing Center: Iowa City, IA Sean Shumate is a national and international referee who be will providing a referee seminar and practical exams for those interested in becoming certified referees on Sunday, September 8th. Clinic begins at 9:00am.
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Map to 415 Highland Avenue, Ste. 200 Iowa City IA 52240
30 Preregistrations
Fencer Club
Bichel, Adam UNAT/USC
Cutts, Dominique BBF
Decker, Evan ICFC-IA / UI
Del Castillo, Kyle UIFC
Dershwitz, Philip ISUFC / ZETA
Douglas, Mary BBF
Douglas, Missouri BBF
Gollnick, Brian ICFC-IA
Gollnick, Mira ICFC-IA
Gratz, Quinn ISUFC
Guetersloh, Maggie ISUFC / DUKE CITY
Herman, Ronald ICFC-IA
Houts, Sarah BBF
Karmelich, Matt ISUFC
Kokker, Thomas BBF
Li, Shuang ISUFC / ICFC-IA
May, Patrick ICFC-IA
Miller, Levi DMFC / VHSFC
Miller, Mattea DMFC / VHSFC
Morabe, Maria ICFC-IA
O'Donnell, Judy ICFC-IA
O'Donnell, Thomas ISUFC
Perez, Bernardo ICFC-IA
Pettit, Sara ICFC-IA / CEFC
Ratchford, Mary Jo ICFC-IA
Ream, Jann ICFC-IA / UNAT
Tierney, Luke ICFC-IA / UI
Vaughn, Sabrina BBF
Vittetoe, Fay ICFC-IA
Wittkofski, Madison ISUFC