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NWFC - Summer 2019 International EPEE Camp     Aug 5, 2019 - Aug 9, 2019
Northwest Fencing Center: Beaverton, OR Join us for six days of training, competition and fun with fencers and coaches from around the world. Sign up is on the Website. See who is signed up on the next page.
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Map to 4950 SW Western Ave Beaverton OR 97005
44 Preregistrations
Fencer Club
Barnes, Olivia NWFC / HIGHDES
Beittel, Chloe EBFG
Bodon, Michele NWFC / HIGHDES
Choi, Grace NWFC
Choi, Isaac NWFC
Chu, Audrey AFM
Duan, Annie NWFC
Duan, Jenny NWFC
Faubert, Andy NWFC / EBFG
Felker, Jared GRAPIDSFA
Golden, Danielle BOSTON FC
Gullo, Kenji NWFC
Jacobus, Curran HIGHDES
Jaklitsch, Michael MISSION FC
Kronrod, Tal MFA
Lange, Henry OSUNCAA / NWFC
Lei, Jacob NWFC
Lei, Joshua NWFC
Lloyd, Alex NWFC
McFarland, Kai NWFC
McGaw, Julian NWFC
McGaw, Maia NWFC
McLoudrey, Callan NWFC
Munlin, Donovan PFA
Nason, Amelia NWFC
Neal, Henry BOISE
Neibergs, Thomas HIGHDES
Parker, Rosie VASSAR / NWFC
Perrigo, Ben BOISE
Prokopeas, Grace GBFC
Roy, Joseph WFA
Russell, Alison SHF
Russell, Renata SHF
Schmugar, Brooke NWFC
Shertz, Kira NWFC
Shorey, David TFA
Skiffington, Sam MFA
Wittenwyler, Henry WCFA
Yu, Colin MFA / ACS
Zafft, Maximo MFA / UNAT
Zafft, Sharrie MFA / UNAT
Zafft, Tatiana MFA / UNAT
Zuhars, Renee CARD
Lai, Coby MFA