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Adult Epee Clinic at NWFC     May 31, 2019 - Jun 2, 2019
Northwest Fencing Center, Beaverton Oregon: Beaverton, OR NWFC’S Spring Veteran’s camp started a new tradition in 2018 when the US Men’s National Epee Team came to share their tips and fencing philosophies with the participants at the camp. They are coming back for 2019! See website to sign up.
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Map to 4950 SW Western Ave Beaverton OR 97005
34 Preregistrations
Fencer Club
Barmina, Olga DFA / NBFA
Baxter, Daniel NWFC
Beck, Brian NWFC
Brown, Trish NWFC
Choi, Sean Sukjoon NWFC
Cranor, Erich NWFC
Czarny, Kathrina SAS
Earle-Monk, Regina NWFC
Ellington, Jeff HDFC
Flesher, Daniel HDFC / UNAT
Ford, Cristina NWFC / UNAT
Frank, Fred NWFC
Imber, Raymond RRFC
Johnson, Jeff RAINCITYFC
Kiluk, Andrew SAS
Kim, Tong Min NWFC
Lake, Adam UO / EFC
Larsen, Samuel NWFC
Lee, Tobias MTFC
Lin, Chris NWFC / FFFC
Marx, Suzanne NWFC
Monk, Raymond NWFC
Moore, Michael NWFC
Owen, Andrew NWFC
Rich, Caroline HDFA
Schliep, Anna CBA / FISHKILL
Shirey, Daniel IMASTERS
Slikas, Beth NWFC
Stellwagen, Kurt SFU
Strugar, Arlene NWFC
Suvorov, Yuly SAS
Varney, John SAS
Walker, William NWFC / AFM
Wheeler, Mark AFM / WCFA