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2018 Toronto Summer Foil & Epee Camp     Aug 20, 2018 - Aug 24, 2018
Toronto Fencing Club: Toronto, ON Toronto Summer Foil & Epee Camp encourage those who like challenge and willing to work hard. Special rate for High Performance Program (HPP) ranked fencers. Sanctioned by Ontario Fencing Association
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Map to 50 Prince Andrew Place Toronto ON M3C 2H4
32 Preregistrations
Fencer Club
Huang, Raymond (NONE)
Mcleod, Malcolm BRK
Qian, Michael CFA / CFA
Ciomyk, Michael DFA / QFC
Sabatini, Isabella Ravenne DNF
Wan, Jason HHF
Dehnavi, Ramin KHI
Jia, Jacky LIF
McDonnell, Nathaniel NEW / TFC
Dryburgh, Evangeline PFC
Poon, Simon TFC
Zwegers, Alexander TFC / TFC
Pottow, Lilly TFC
Zhang, Songhao Steven TFC
Roux, Martin-Oliver TFC
Yeung, Dylan TFC
Vinnitchouk, Ted TFC
Wu, Rick TFC / TFC
Wang, William TFC
Lui, Leanna TFC
Kristbergs, Fritz TFC / CFA
Hanxu, Richard Alex TFC
Dib, Aaniss TFC
Buckley, Michael TFC
Poon, Alvin TFC
Lau, Matthew TFC
Balot, Corinne TFC
Liu, Ethan TFC
Li, Joshua TFC
Li, Jason TFC
Holland, Niki UNAT
Zheng, Evelyn VGO / UWO